Software Reliability using Mathematical Modeling


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A mathematical model is basically a symbolic representation involving mathematical concepts/symbols and terminologies. Mathematical models are extremely powerful because they enable predictions to be made regarding a system. Further, these predictions provide a road map for further experimentation. Numerical models are utilized not just as a part of characteristic sciences and building disciplines, but also in social sciences. Additionally, numerous physicists, engineers, analysts, financial experts, operations research examiners use scientific models most widely to pick the best strategy and test with the different alternative decisions. One of the fields where mathematical modeling has been vastly applied is reliability. The subject has been traditionally attached to hardware systems. Yet, with the expanding utilization of PCs in present times, programming dependability has turned into a control in its own. Thus, making software reliability an important discipline in today’s era.

In this digital world, life without a computer is not possible. Almost everything around us is computerized, which helps us to lead life in a much better way. The change in revolution brought by computers has increased the global productivity and has benefited the society in many ways. Computers are useless without software. For achieving excellence in computer technology, there is a strong need to develop more and more software systems. Thus, the role played by the software is appreciated in industry, education, marketing, information, banking and social media etc. Access to online payment, entertainment, banking systems, chatting, bill payments, organization management, nuclear reactors etc. has become easier, smarter and faster due to the use of software in day-to-day life. Thus, software plays a crucial role in everything from elementary education to genetic engineering in this technology driven era.


Software Reliability using Mathematical Modeling
Amity University
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software, reliability, mathematical, modeling
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Dr. Manu Banga (Autor:in), Software Reliability using Mathematical Modeling, München, GRIN Verlag,


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Titel: Software Reliability using Mathematical Modeling

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