Knowledge Transfer through Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) in Multinational Companies

Diploma Thesis, 2009

177 Pages, Grade: 1

Abstract or Introduction

The subject of this paper is to research and evaluate, the results and the potential of knowledge acquisition through a framework by involving artificial intelligence (in the form of an automated intelligent agent) to acquire and manage intellectual capital for future organizational research and development, availability and competitiveness.

Focus of this study is multinational corporations, which are complex knowledge-driven industries, managing their intellectual capital over multiple cultures, locally and globally. Even though codified knowledge and its acquisition is widespread applied, tacit knowledge has showed intangible in its inclusion within the organization‘s knowledge base. The aim is to determine in which relation or what kind of potential there is to locate in an artificial intelligence approach, in order to obtain the most precious knowledge, which is tacit.

Market complexity as well as internal organizational trends and developments have changed the way firms organize their activities locally as well as globally, both in terms of tangible and intangible assets. The dynamics of multinational companies (MNCs) within the markets and their efforts to manage their intellectual capital has become a competitive factor in the present economic globalization. Their competitive advantage is dependent on their employee‘s expert knowledge, which is mostly tacit. Concomitantly, the exploitation and protection of intellectual property or more also described as assets, as well as how they are being managed, depends a firm‘s economical future. The science of artificial intelligence aims to attempt not just to comprehend how humans think, but also to construct and design intelligent entities.


Knowledge Transfer through Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) in Multinational Companies
Universities of Applied Sciences Wien  (FHWien)
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Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge, MNC
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Alexandra Arbter (Author), 2009, Knowledge Transfer through Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) in Multinational Companies, Munich, GRIN Verlag,


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Title: Knowledge Transfer through Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) in Multinational Companies

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