Dr. Robert Waller: Visionary Leader and Skilled Manager

Essay, 2004

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Dr. Robert Waller Visionary Leader and Skilled Manager

In today’s business world an organization is only as successful as their management team is effective. Without capable leadership, an organization simply does not have the forward momentum necessary to compete in this rapidly changing global environment. Dr. Robert Waller, former Chief Executive Officer of the Mayo Clinic is a prime example of how effective management and visionary leadership can propel an organization to success.

Dr. Waller was recently inducted into the Health Care Hall of Fame, following his prestigious 11-year career as leader of the Mayo Clinic. It was under his direction that the Clinic expanded from $340 million organization to a $3.5 billion multi-state health care and research leader. (Romano, 2003) Although he is noted for modestly not taking credit for his important role in this expansion, Dr. Waller’s leadership was critically important.

Dr. Waller influenced the Mayo Clinic’s strategy in a variety of ways. First and foremost was his commitment to the organization’s underlying mission statement developed by its founders. This commitment was the driving force in his expansion plans and their implementations.

Secondly, Dr. Waller’s humble countenance was certainly of benefit during this time of expansion. Rather than adopting an air of superiority or arrogance, this type of personality is more conducive to garnering the support necessary from team members for such an important project. This is especially true when dealing with high-level professionals, such as the doctors at the Mayo Clinic, who may have otherwise been put off by someone with a more arrogant attitude.

Dr. Waller was obviously a leader who took seriously the importance of gathering the best people for his organization, and then utilizing them to their fullest abilities. He knew that by making the expansion of the Mayo Clinic a collaborative effort that employees would have ownership of the difficult tasks at hand, and therefore would be vested in its success. He rallied their support by taking their advice and making certain that credit was given where credit was due. In addition to being an effective leader, he was also an effective manager. But, what is the difference between a manager and a leader?


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Dr. Robert Waller: Visionary Leader and Skilled Manager
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