The Impact of Technology Transfer for Micro and Small Enterprises

Academic Paper, 2022

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Abstract or Introduction

The goal of this action research was to see how technology transfer from Misrak Polytechnic College affected small-scale businesses. Based on this, the researcher concentrated on transferred technology in the academic years 2012 and 2013 E.C. and employed a survey methodology to achieve the study's goal. A total of 57 trainers and 8 technology team members were chosen for this research to transfer and facilitate technology. From them 81.5% were male and 18.5% female. In addition, 57 firms were chosen to acquire technology from trainers. Data was collected through questionnaires and observation. To emphasize the link and variance of the variables, the data collected through the questionnaire was analyzed using frequency %, mean and standard deviation. To complement the quantitative statistics, the information gathered through open ended questionnaires was evaluated qualitatively.

The findings suggest that trainers' problem-solving methods on technology transfer are based on their knowledge of how to deal with technology. Although the trainers have a basic understanding of technology, the results show that additional understanding is required. Aside from that, the findings examine knowledge and skills in value chain analysis. The mean value was 3.38 and the standard deviation was computed as 1.07, which is larger than one, implying that the data was spread out over a wide range of values, implying that respondents had a variety of alternatives when it came to this particular variable.

There are no widespread surveys on the college's suitability for technology development and transfer. In the previous two years, 85.2 percent of trainers produced and transmitted technology for small businesses, but no single technology has been duplicated or made available to the general public by SMEs. The transferred technology is not being imitated by SMEs, but the results demonstrate that the enterprises are interested in technology transfer. The majority of the trainers believe that the transferred technology has a functional difficulty, lacks a nice physical look, and does not match the planned goal.


The Impact of Technology Transfer for Micro and Small Enterprises
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Title: The Impact of Technology Transfer for Micro and Small Enterprises

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