Stochastic Dynamics Hard- and Soft-Ionization Mass Spectrometry

Research Paper (postgraduate), 2023

183 Pages

Abstract or Introduction

The contribution brings together our most recent papers, dealing with stochastic dynamics mass spectrometry, the first of which is written specially for this book. It can be regarded as introductory review-chapter, which represents, in fact, an overview of contributions devoted to methodological development of quantitative and structural stochastic dynamics mass spectrometric approaches to soft-ionization methods.

The books are primarily intended for widespread use of graduated students, who after the first introductory Chapter 1 to the field of stochastic dynamics soft-ionization quantitative and 3D structural mass spectrometry may wish to deepen their knowledge of primary application of model formulas to hard-ionization approaches. Of course, we hope that it shall be useful not only to undergraduate student, but also to both junior and senior academics and researchers in the analytical mass spectrometry. Owing to the fact, that analytical mass spectrometry is robust method for quantitative and structural analysis, amongst others, not only for fundamental science and a lot of specific scientific disciplines, but also to the industry, the book is designed to serve major and specific goals of both science and various branches of the industry.


Stochastic Dynamics Hard- and Soft-Ionization Mass Spectrometry
TU Dortmund  (Institute of Environmental Research)
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Mass spectrometry, stochatic dynamics, analytical chemistry
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Prof. Dr. Bojidarka Ivanova (Author)Prof. Michael Spiteller (Author), 2023, Stochastic Dynamics Hard- and Soft-Ionization Mass Spectrometry, Munich, GRIN Verlag,


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Title: Stochastic Dynamics Hard- and Soft-Ionization Mass Spectrometry

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