Corporate Leadership. The Influence of Artificial Intelligence

Bachelor Thesis, 2023

87 Pages, Grade: 1.6


Abstract or Introduction

Artificial intelligence is rapidly changing the world of work and, with it, the way leaders run companies and institutions. In recent years, more and more companies have implemented artificial intelligence (AI) in different areas. The question that arises and what the following work is aimed at is the question of what influence an implementation of AI has on leadership and what this means for the entire management. The resulting research gap is examined, analysed and evaluated through a systematic literature review of current scientific sources and through expert interviews with international executives.

The literature evaluation and the expert interviews led to the conclusion that many executives welcome the topic of AI and are open to a possible implementation in the corporate structure. However, it could also be analysed that some experts expect a certain change and shift in leadership style towards a more technical leadership style. The future, therefore, calls for leaders who are open to technical implementations such as AI but also leaders who simultaneously promote the uniquely human skills of employees and integrate AI into their leadership style.


Corporate Leadership. The Influence of Artificial Intelligence
University of Applied Sciences Bremen
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leadership, artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning management, executives, organisational change, corporate strategy, deep learning
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Anonymous, 2023, Corporate Leadership. The Influence of Artificial Intelligence, Munich, GRIN Verlag,


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Title: Corporate Leadership. The Influence of Artificial Intelligence

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