Analyzing Tesla. Their Business Model and Omni-Channel Strategy

Academic Paper, 2023

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Abstract or Introduction

This Paper analyzes the business model of Tesla and their Omni-Channel Strategy. Tesla Inc. is an American electric vehicle and energy company founded by a group of engineers on July 1, 2003 with the vision to accelerate the global transition to sustainable energy. It's largest business is the sale of electric vehicles, which makes up to 86% of the company's total revenue. While the CEO, Elon Musk, drives the innovative character of the company, this innovative mind set and the passion for new technologies is also responsible for Tesla´s omnichannel strategy which offers customers a unique experience they get from no other car manufacturer.

Tesla´s omnichannel approach can be described as an integrated approach to give customers the best possible experience across multiple channels when they interact with the brand. Although a central aspect of the omnichannel strategy is the interplay between the online and offline buying experience, Tesla´s omnichannel approach is not limited to that. While Tesla
has both car showrooms and an online store where you can buy their cars, Tesla uses many more channels to interact with the customer. Examples are social media, the car itself, where you can buy updates like the autopilot, or the smartphone app which can be used to unlock the car.

Because other car manufacturers catch up with Tesla, our recommendations include, but are not limited to stick with Elon Musk as the CEO and be open to new ideas and experiments he suggests, move on to new business opportunities connected to renewable energies or further improve the customer experience by making more use of available data.


Analyzing Tesla. Their Business Model and Omni-Channel Strategy
Boston University
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Title: Analyzing Tesla. Their Business Model and Omni-Channel Strategy

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