The Role of Classroom Inclusivity in Enhancing Academic Outcomes

Doctoral Thesis / Dissertation, 2023

104 Pages, Grade: A

Rhoda Frank (Author)

Abstract or Introduction

Project-based learning is predicated on the need to enhance classroom inclusivity by appealing to the different abilities exhibited by the students, thus, allowing them to participate in areas in which they feel most competent. The practice is invaluable in the conventional educational front as it offers students an opportunity to develop knowledge and skills by confronting challenges they are likely to face in real life. The study is integral in redefining the instructor's perspective regarding project-based learning and its use in the contemporary pedagogical framework. The main goal of this research will be to examine the concept, benefits, and challenges to the implementation of classroom inclusivity models. This study will also analyze the roles of learners, educators, and institutional administrators in support.

The need to understand the concept of classroom inclusivity and its benefits in enhancing learners with disabilities participation and improving self-esteem cannot be understated. For years, special needs students have been forced to learn in confined classrooms, therefore, restricting the development of social relationships, crippling self-confidence, and hindering their learning progress. The resultant state of seclusion in education has significantly undermined the achievement of educational goals of equitable mentorship, training, and resource allocation.

In the contemporary classroom environment, the need to integrate emerging teaching and learning practices is increasingly becoming more pronounced. The needs of students are changing phenomenally, with their interests and expectations varying markedly depending on their abilities, amongst other factors. Project-based learning (PBL) has been incrementally integrated into the conventional curriculum to revolutionize classroom instruction and increase the impact of education on the students' prospects. The concept is also integral in providing a more pronounced framework for inclusivity and participation, allowing learners with different abilities to be integrated into conventional curriculum coverage.


The Role of Classroom Inclusivity in Enhancing Academic Outcomes
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Inclusivity, classroom, education, learning outcomes, project-based learning
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Rhoda Frank (Author), 2023, The Role of Classroom Inclusivity in Enhancing Academic Outcomes, Munich, GRIN Verlag,


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Title: The Role of Classroom Inclusivity in Enhancing Academic Outcomes

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