Pedogenic Characteristics of Basement Complex Soils on the Jos Plateau

Doctoral Thesis / Dissertation, 2017

265 Pages

Abstract or Introduction

Rocks of the basement complex form the parent materials for about half of the soils on the Jos Plateau, and some of these soils are intensively utilized for agricultural purposes on an annual basis. However, not much information is available on their formation and properties. The knowledge on their formation and properties is essential for their sustainable management and utilization.

The objectives of this study were: to characterize soils over selected basement complex lithologies on the Jos Plateau, assess their pedogenic characteristics, classify the soils using standard guidelines, investigate the pedogenic processes responsible for their formation, and evaluate erosional processes influencing pedogenesis in the study area. These would ensure a proper understanding of their pedogenic characteristics, and also allow better soil management and sound land use planning.

The research entailed a detailed field survey, which was preceded by initial detailed study of existing information and reconnaissance surveys of the study area. The study area was stratified into different geologic units, and within each unit further stratification was based on topographic characteristics. Surface soil sampling and profile pits studies were carried out; and morphological data collected using guidelines in the soil survey manual. Soil samples were analyzed in the laboratory using standard procedures and data collected was subjected to statistical analysis. Geographic Information Systems were used to analyze spatial data, while the Universal Soil Loss Equation was used to assess erosional processes in the study area.

This study has shown that various soil types exist in the basement complex areas of the Jos Plateau. Areas with high to extremely high actual erosion rates cover about 77% of the basement complex derived arable soils, thereby influencing soil fertility and pedogenic processes.


Pedogenic Characteristics of Basement Complex Soils on the Jos Plateau
University of Jos
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Pedogenesis, Basement Complex, soil, Erosion, Soil fertility, Northern guinea savanna, Soil genesis, Soil classification, Soil development, Soil survey
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Dr. Ayodele Owonubi (Author), 2017, Pedogenic Characteristics of Basement Complex Soils on the Jos Plateau, Munich, GRIN Verlag,


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Title: Pedogenic Characteristics of Basement Complex Soils on the Jos Plateau

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