What are the main impediments to democracy in Africa

Essay, 2002

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Abstract or Introduction

Democracy in Africa has been shaped by the colonial powers that ran Africa until the period
of decolonisation that began in the 1960’s. Thereafter Africa has attempted to follow the
European model of democratic governance. However, whilst African democracy has shown
some improvement, it is still having legitimacy problems and African states are characterised
by corruption and autocracy.
This report will highlight the impediments to the furthering of democracy in Africa and what
can be done to increase the role of democracy in African States. There will be a focus on the
role played by colonialism and the ethnic divides that exist in Africa. We will then examine
how corruption and the economic problems of African States are restraining democratic
legitimacy and the effect these problems have on human rights. Lastly, we will concentrate on
the role that other state and non-state actors have on democracy in Africa.
However, before looking at these aspects of the debate, it is important to understand
democracy and its basis. Democracy is not a single approach but rather a commitment to
certain institutions such as the rule of law, civil society and political accountability through
free and fair elections by an electorate based on universal suffrage. It also includes (to a
varying degree) freedom of speech, the development of a civic culture and the acceptance of a
social contract.


What are the main impediments to democracy in Africa
University of Southampton  (Department of Politics)
Africa - Culture and Political Systems
2,0 (B)
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Title: What are the main impediments to democracy in Africa

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