Harley-Davidson Marketing Strategy in the US and China

Marketing in an International Environment

Term Paper, 2021

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Abstract or Introduction

Founded in 1903 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Harley Davidson has grown into an international company, with over 1,400 independent dealers in more than 100 countries. The motorcycles are renowned as the ultimate biker status symbol. Harley doesn't just sell motorcycles, but also the experience and the idea of freedom and passion. Although the Asia-Pacific region was a key market between 2012 and 2017, the company saw a decline in motorcycle sales in 2018-2019, particularly in Canada.

The assignment focuses on Harley-Davidson's marketing strategies in the US and China. In China, Harley faces challenges such as government restrictions and a market dominated by domestic brands. Nevertheless, demand is rising in urban areas. In the US, the company struggles to engage a younger audience.

The marketing strategies in the US and China differ in some aspects, though both markets pursue a premium price approach. In the US, Harley positions itself as a unique product, whereas in China, the luxury aspect takes precedence.

Recommendations include adjustments in marketing to better address both the Chinese and American markets, such as developing smaller motorcycles for younger buyers.


Harley-Davidson Marketing Strategy in the US and China
Marketing in an International Environment
University of Warwick  (Business School (WBS))
Marketing in an International Environment
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Title: Harley-Davidson Marketing Strategy in the US and China

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