Communicating Democracy

Developing communication concepts for young persons with a migratory background to encounter skills shortage in the European Union

Master's Thesis, 2023

101 Pages, Grade: 1,0

Abstract or Introduction

In order to address the polycrisis the European Union is currently facing, the European Commission has proposed to declare 2023 as the European Year of Skills and thus actively combat one of the major crises: the skills shortage. This year, an ambitious agenda is being pursued to find lasting solutions, which aim to address this pressing crisis. A key approach of the comprehensive program of the European Commission is to integrate persons with a migratory background into European society. New concepts and campaigns including enhanced learning opportunities, attractive offers around improved mobility and support, and simplified recognition of foreign qualifications are a promised way to facilitate the integration of people from third countries with urgently needed competencies and skills. However, a strategic communicative process is needed to ensure that persons with a migratory background are genuinely understood as well as see themselves as part of European society. Therefore, this research paper picks out the uncovering of motives for migrating to the European Union and needs of persons with a migratory background as a central theme in order to address this certain group effectively. Since the youth play a central role in the shortage of skilled workers and in securing collective prosperity, only young people in the age of 15 to 25 were interviewed for that reason. At the end of the paper, recommendations for communication concepts will be identified that help to create synergies and close the gap between persons with a migratory background and the skills shortage crisis.


Communicating Democracy
Developing communication concepts for young persons with a migratory background to encounter skills shortage in the European Union
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Diese Arbeit wurde als beste des Jahrgangs und mit einer Urkunde für exzellente Forschung ausgezeichnet.
Communication Strategy, European Union, Skills Shortage, Migration, Crises, Polycrisis., Communication Strategy, EU, Fachkräftemangel, Skills Shortage, Polycrisis, Migration, Crises, Communication Concept, Intercultural Communication, European Union, European Commission, EYS, Year of Skills, Work, 2023, migratory background, shortage crisis
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Cornelius Gesing (Author), 2023, Communicating Democracy, Munich, GRIN Verlag,


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Title: Communicating Democracy

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