Cholera Challenges in Cameroon. Danger and Risk Factors

Academic Paper, 2023

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Cholera is a significant global health concern. Nigeria has experienced several cholera outbreaks caused by multidrug-resistant strains of V. cholerae. Climate change and other environmental factors can influence the occurrence and dynamics of cholera outbreaks. Africa accounts for a significant proportion of global cholera cases and deaths. These studies collectively contribute to our understanding of cholera in Cameroon. They provide insights into the challenges faced in delivering care during outbreaks, the structure and functioning of the surveillance system, and the epidemiological patterns of cholera in the country. By studying cholera in Cameroon, we can gain valuable knowledge about the risk factors and challenges associated with cholera outbreaks, which can inform public health interventions and preparedness efforts. To summarise, studying Cholera in Cameroon is critical for understanding the epidemiology, risk factors, and issues connected with the country's cholera epidemics. The findings of this research can help policymakers and public health workers adopt effective cholera prevention and control methods in Cameroon.


Cholera Challenges in Cameroon. Danger and Risk Factors
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Cholera, Cameroon, Cholera Challenges, Global Trend of Cholera, Africa, Risk Factors, Global Trend, Cholera Outbreak
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Awung Elvis (Author), 2023, Cholera Challenges in Cameroon. Danger and Risk Factors, Munich, GRIN Verlag,


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Title: Cholera Challenges in Cameroon. Danger and Risk Factors

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