Hooliganism in England - typical for the British society?

Research Paper (undergraduate), 2009

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Abstract or Introduction

Margaret Thatcher, former Prime Minister of Great Britain, once said that Hooliganism is one
of the most famous export goods, Britain can not be proud of. This statement by itself
emphasizes the significance of the hooligan problem not only in the British society, but all
over Europe. Hooliganism is often called the ‘English disease’, so the question arises if
Hooliganism is a typical feature of the British culture.
Therefore, the following essay should explain whether Hooliganism can be named a typical
symbol for the society or not.


With few exceptions, for example riots of British supporters during the World Cup 2006 in
Germany (but there will always be some unreformable slobs), the hooligan problem could
nearly be erased up to today, especially in Britain’s club football. The hooligan firms use the
clubs just as a distinguishing feature for themselves. Actually they do not have any
connection to the modern football business of today. That’s why you have to be careful with
claiming that Hooliganism is a typical feature of the British society.
Hooliganism, compared to its origins, can be rightly called the English disease. But the
situation today is out of all proportion to the situation 20 years ago. As already said
Hooliganism is curtailed up to today and consequently out of the public focus. The problem is
that the youth grows up with this special mentality. So it probably will always be a part of the
British society because the attitude will be passed on from generation to generation.


Hooliganism in England - typical for the British society?
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