Meritorious-Buddhism. An unseen aspect of the Vassāvāsa-ritual

Scientific Study, 2023

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Abstract or Introduction

„Meritorious-Buddhism“ is a fascinating exploration of the intangible aspects of Buddhist culture that has been revealed through archaeological evidence. This study focuses on inscriptions from ancient Sri Lanka, which have provided invaluable insight into the Buddhist ideological framework that has changed and evolved through the Vassāvāsa-ritual. It was a set of rituals that were believed to bring about meritorious deeds. Through this study, we gain a greater understanding of the beliefs held by ancient Buddhists, which can help us to understand the history and development of Buddhism.

Buddhism is a religion that strongly encourages its followers to accumulate merits through ritualized behavior. In Buddhist societies, these accumulated merits shape the way the community interacts and functions. Through their set of Vassāvāsa-Rituals, followers strive to accumulate these merits, which are a key part of the Buddhist community and have a major impact on the way society works. The accumulation of merits helps followers become better people and provides them with the karmic power to reach their religious ultimate goals.


Meritorious-Buddhism. An unseen aspect of the Vassāvāsa-ritual
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ritualized-community , Meritorious-Buddhism , Buddhism, Holly-distance, Vassāvāsa-ritual, symbol of Arahath (sanctity), monastic-order, acclimatization, Merit, Ritual, History of Buddhism, Bhikkhu-Sangha, religious-veneration
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Samiddhi Batuwangala (Author), 2023, Meritorious-Buddhism. An unseen aspect of the Vassāvāsa-ritual, Munich, GRIN Verlag,


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Title: Meritorious-Buddhism. An unseen aspect of the Vassāvāsa-ritual

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