Application of Nanotechnology in Electronics

Seminar Paper, 2023

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This paper gives a brief description of what nanotechnology is and its application in various fields viz. computing, medicine, food technology, robotics, solar cells etc. It also deals with the future perspectives of nanotechnology, risks in advanced nanotechnology.

Nanotechnology is one of the leading scientific fields today since it combines knowledge from the fields of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Medicine, Informatics, and Engineering. It is an emerging technological field with great potential to lead in great breakthroughs that can be applied in real life. Novel nano and biomaterials, and nano devices are fabricated and controlled by nanotechnology tools and techniques, which investigate and tune the properties, responses, and functions of living and non-living matter, at sizes below100 nm. The application and use of nano materials in electronic and mechanical devices, in optical and magnetic components, quantum computing, tissue engineering, and other biotechnologies, with smallest features, widths well below 100 nm, are the economically most important parts of the nanotechnology nowadays and presumably in the near future. The number of nano products is rapidly growing since more and more nano engineered materials are reaching the global market. The continuous revolution in nano technology will result in the fabrication of nano materials with properties and functionalities which are going to have positive changes in the lives of our citizens, be it in health, environment, electronics or any other field.

In the energy generation challenge where the conventional fuel resources cannot remain the dominant energy source, taking into account the increasing consumption demand and the CO2 emissions alternative renewable energy sources based on new technologies have to be promoted. Innovative solar cell technologies that utilize nano structured materials and composite systems such as organic photo-voltaics offer great technological potential due to their attractive properties such as the potential of large-scale and low-cost roll-to-roll manufacturing processes The advances in nano materials necessitate parallel progress of the nano metrology tools and techniques to characterize and manipulate nanostructures.


Application of Nanotechnology in Electronics
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nanotechnology, electronics, nanomaterials
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Rajesh Mishra (Author)Rekha Agarwal (Author), 2023, Application of Nanotechnology in Electronics, Munich, GRIN Verlag,


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Title: Application of Nanotechnology in Electronics

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