Education Degree and Teaching Profession in Nigeria. The Missing Link

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The paper explores the state of education degrees and the teaching profession in Nigeria, identifying a crucial missing link. It investigates the perspectives of Nigerian parents, private school owners, and society on education degrees and the teaching profession. Furthermore, it examines challenges hindering the establishment of education faculties in private-owned universities for training qualified teachers in Nigeria. The paper proposes strategies for the Nigerian education system and teaching profession to align with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly Goal 4, by 2030.

Recognizing education as a bitter root with a sweet fruit, the United Nations International Children's Fund (UNICEF, 2021) underscores quality education as the 4th SDG, emphasizing the need for universal and equitable education. UNICEF stresses the importance of investing in teacher training by 2030, considering teachers as pivotal to all professions. The saying, "If you can read and write, thank your teachers," underscores the role of teachers in unlocking intellectual potential. Research by Mathew, Mathew, and Peechattu highlights that a nation's education system quality hinges on the caliber of its teachers, emphasizing the significance of teacher training and qualification for enhanced student learning outcomes.

Globally, education policies guide effective teaching and learning across various levels. Universities establish education faculties to train teachers for pre-nursery, nursery, basic, post-basic, college, and university levels. In Nigeria, undergraduate education degrees include general courses, specialized study areas, and pedagogical training. Graduates undergo mandatory teaching practice and obtain certification from the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN) to qualify for teaching positions at specified levels.

Additionally, the Nigerian government established colleges of education offering programs leading to the National Certificate in Education (NCE), the minimum qualification for teaching in Nigeria. According to the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the NCE is recommended for teaching at pre-nursery, nursery, and lower basic levels, while a minimum of a Bachelor's degree is required for teaching at upper basic and post-basic levels, awarded by universities. The comprehensive approach to teacher training and qualification aligns with global educational goals and aims to address the existing gaps in Nigeria's education system.


Education Degree and Teaching Profession in Nigeria. The Missing Link
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Title: Education Degree and Teaching Profession in Nigeria. The Missing Link

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