An indepth look into the brand Chanel

Essay, 2009

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Chanel History

Elegance, Originality and luxurious help build an understanding of the structure of Chanel. Build by its creator Gabrielle Coco Chanel in France in 1909. Chanel revolutionized haute couture fashion by replacing traditional clothing with comfort and elegant designs. Chanel originated from selling ladies headwear on the ground floor of Balsan's apartment in Paris. This beginning would later make Chanel become one of the greatest fashion empires in the world. Building such a renowned label didn’t come without its difficulties. Gabrielle faced the biggest setback when she moved to her legendary location Rue de Cambon in Paris. The lease stated she could not created couture dresses as a couture shop in the building already existed. Else wear in France Chanel introduced woman to wearing sportswear in her boutiques in 1913, as she detested the tradition of woman’s clothing. World War I had a heavy impact on fashion but opened opportunities for Chanel. Women were taking on men’s jobs and this was the perfect time to introduce simplicity and functional clothing. In 1915 the whole of France recognised Chanel but it was Harper's Bazaar that had buyers fighting for Chanel. Her first perfume Chanel no 5 was produced by Earnest Beaux in 1921, the name came from Gabrielle’s lucky number. The trademark of Chanel’s simplicity was expressed in the square perfume bottle, Chanel wanted the fragrance to speak and sell for its self. The perfume has not changed once since it was realised. Chanel strongly believed in simplicity was key to any true elegance. The brands fame came in 1926 when Chanel produced the Little Black dress, this dress became the signature piece to the brand and to every woman’s wardrobe but little did they know this would become renowned across the world for years to come. The little black dress introduced seductive definition to clothing. Chanel changed the way in which people looked at fashion and this is what created the success and flocked her shop with high society woman. From this moment forward the house of Chanel reputation grew to become an icon of grace and elegance. Gabrielle continued to work until she died in 1971, in 1983 Karl Lagerfeld has seen been chief designer of Chanel’s fashion house. (Callan, 2002, Fashion and Fashion Designers, p. 146)


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An indepth look into the brand Chanel
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