The European Union and the South China Sea Dispute. A strategic game

Term Paper, 2022

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Abstract or Introduction

The text discusses the European Union's (EU) interest and involvement in the South China Sea (SCS) despite having no territorial claims in the region. It outlines various reasons for the EU's presence, including economic advantages for its member states, the EU's aim to play a more active role in geopolitics, and the need to protect vital maritime routes for European supply chains.

Highlighting the importance of the SCS for Europe's security in trade, the text emphasizes the necessity for the EU to play a role in the conflict. It acknowledges the complexity of individual relationships between EU member states and the countries involved in the SCS dispute, requiring a delicate balance in EU engagement while addressing requests for active contribution from affected partners.

Additionally, the text underscores the EU's commitment to upholding the rule of law and its goal of establishing a stronger geopolitical position. It discusses the need for the EU to navigate relationships with both partners and potential opponents, promoting cooperation and outlining potential objectives for the ASEAN Regional Forum.

Lastly, the paper focuses on France's direct involvement in the conflict, emphasizing the EU's obligation to represent the interests of all its members and take action to ensure the safety of its citizens and the recovery of a lost vessel.

Overall, the text outlines the EU's interests, its stance within the SCS conflict, its relationships with involved actors, and potential objectives aimed at achieving its overarching goals within the ASEAN Regional Forum.


The European Union and the South China Sea Dispute. A strategic game
University of Vienna  (Internationale Beziehungen)
Strategic Gaming: The South China Sea Dispute
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South China Sea, dispute, China, South China, South China Sea disput, EU, European Union, EEAS, external service, rivalry, strategic partner, EU-China, international relations, IR, geopolitics, borders, values, human rights, trade, international trade, arms race, interests, People's Republic of China, strategic game, FONOP, ASEAN, security, international security
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Florian Lehmann (Author), 2022, The European Union and the South China Sea Dispute. A strategic game, Munich, GRIN Verlag,


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Title: The European Union and the South China Sea Dispute. A strategic game

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