Equal Opportunities while Traveling

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What if President Obama enforced a Law named the Second Appearance of the Jim Crow Laws which this time didn’t stop the African American race from being separated from the White-American race, instead it prohibited every U.S. Citizen from traveling anywhere else but in their own state? For example, a Maryland resident would not be allowed to travel to Virginia or any other state especially out of the country for any reason at all. Through this law many U.S. citizens would not be well rounded due to the fact that they would only be knowledgeable of what is occurring in their state. This would not be fair at all to the African-American race because they fought hard to get equal opportunity. Here is an excerpt from the Star Spangled Banner “..The land of the free….”, now that everyone has “equal opportunity” Americans need to take advantage of this opportunity. There is no need to have judges imprison the U.S. citizens when the American race is doing a great job themselves by not taking advantage of traveling. Traveling is a way to be free from the ignorance of foreign countries and flew from the embracement of one’s home country, it allows the opportunity to broaden one’s choice of foreign cuisine, be an eyewitness of the health conditions in other countries, and become enlightened on foreign issues that you cannot read in the newspaper, hear from the mouths of others, nor see on the television.

Many Americans today might say “oh I watch CNN around four to six in the evening every day, so therefore I am not ignorant to worldly news.” Well in fact they still are, just because they saw and heard Anderson Cooper tell them that the Commandos freed an abducted reporter in Afghanistan does not say much. For instance, that does not tell a person how the culture is in Afghanistan, it briefly informed the audience of one aspect and that is that crime exists. Crime exists everywhere therefore in this example Americans are still ignorant to foreign issues across the world. The media only portrays stories in vague aspects, due to the fact that the media will not and cannot tell the audience everything that happens in other countries around the world. Partly because the mishaps that happen in other countries do not affect the U.S.A. directly, therefore other countries do not really matter. This shows that the U.S.A. is very nonchalant when it comes to dealing with certain contents. But, by traveling to other countries Americans can see firsthand how other cultures pursue their lives. For example, someone might become enlightened on another countries educational background. For most cases in a lot of foreign countries it is mandatory for them to learn English that way they are bilingual and if they wanted to visit the U.S.A. they will not be looked at as benighted. No one can ever know what they will find out about another country unless they experience it for themselves.

The U.S.A. is ranked number one as the most obese country in the world. About two-thirds of the U.S. population is obese or overweight. The average American eats fifty-five pounds of fat and oil and one hundred pounds of refined sugar yearly. If Americans broaden their choice of cuisine they would not only have a less frequent sweet tooth, but have lower cholesterol, and minimize the risk of illness. If an American were to travel to a healthy country such as Japan and practice the way that the Japanese eat, Americans might change their diet from eating pizza and French fries everyday to eating seaweed and sushi. Some other healthy eating countries are Australia, Sweden, Greece, Italy, Iceland, and France. Their diets differ drastically from the American diet by the residents eating mostly organic foods and keeping a balanced diet. Americans eat a lot of refined foods. If Americans traveled they would taste new foods and maybe become accustomed to a change in their diets.

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Equal Opportunities while Traveling
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