The Global Impact of Renewable Energy and Data Analytics

Academic Paper, 2023

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This article explores the critical role of renewable energy and intelligence systems in developing countries seeking to expand energy access and for developed nations working to decarbonise energy systems. The opportunities, challenges, and impacts of the renewable's revolution vary between poor nations with limited existing infrastructure and rich countries possessing advanced technical capabilities. However, data-driven solutions are invaluable in maximising clean energy potential everywhere while managing variability.

By comparing and contrasting the nuances of integrating high shares of solar, wind, and other renewables onto grids in Asia, Africa, the Americas, and Europe, insights and best practices can be shared across borders. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are unlocking the promise of renewable energy worldwide through sophisticated forecasting of supply and demand, optimal location of projects, predictive maintenance of assets, and real-time management of complex systems. However, technology gaps and a lack of technical expertise hamper many developing nations. Targeted financing, capacity building, and knowledge transfer are critical to empowering these regions to benefit from data and renewables in providing affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy access.

This article highlights significant trends, analyses case studies of success, and synthesises expert perspectives across the developed and developing world. By documenting the global impacts of renewables and analytics, stakeholders ranging from policymakers to investors can make informed decisions that steer all nations towards a decarbonised energy future that leaves no one behind. The insights can help guide an inclusive and just transition worldwide.


The Global Impact of Renewable Energy and Data Analytics
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global, impact, renewable, energy, data, analytics, Climate
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Kingsley Onyeagusi (Author), 2023, The Global Impact of Renewable Energy and Data Analytics, Munich, GRIN Verlag,


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Title: The Global Impact of Renewable Energy and Data Analytics

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