Project Management Baseline

PM Tool

Hausarbeit, 2009

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List of contents

1. Introduction

2. PM Tools

3. Lessons Learned Applying PM Tool “Blue Ant”
3.1 Key Aspects
3.2 Project Management Triangle

4. My Expectation

5. Integral Total Management (ITM) Checklist

6. Bibliography

1. Introduction

What is Project management? Ideal planning! Better Information! Expandable solutions! In that context the improvement of work and the corresponding workforce is a significant point to overcome obstacles with the objective to reach a goal within a project. Organized work is essential and can`t be efficient without a leading project manager “head”. PM Tools are often embedded into Projects and are used by project managers who need a desktop tool to overview and manage steps within projects. Furthermore it gives project managers the opportunity to work independently or in conjunction with with other coordinating project managers or the ability to manage resources from a central repository.

The following Assignment sums up the important skills learned during the project management course and will image the project planning of this case in the pm- tool (software) “Blue Ant”.

2. PM Tools

PM Tools are used to organize and manage work and people effectively to ensure that projects are delivered on scheduled time and within predefined budget.

illustration not visible in this excerpt

Figure 1: Characteristics of Project Management Tools (source: Microsoft Project 2007)

The Increase and creation of impact at work and embedded presentations by easily transferring information from Project steps are key figures to a better understanding of the whole project. So every individual involved is enlightened.

3. Lessons Learned Applying PM Tool “Blue Ant”

3.1 Key Aspects

As I mentioned using a web based PM tool requires a steady world wide net access to be entered from every part of the world. On the other hand, a project manager who is working with should be able to overcome every technical difficulty that can occur within the access, data transmission, data loss, and country specific access terms.

The tool has its implemented operations and predefined automatisms that don’t always conjugate with the best approach. Therefore planning should be ended to a certain extent before entering the pm tool, especially the Work WBS structure needs to be defined before hand not to run into a disaster. Before entering significant information into the tool the leading project manager has to be aware of the best practice of project management and know how planning works.

illustration not visible in this excerpt

Figure 2: The Work Breakdown Structure, source: NASA (2001). NASA NPR 9501.2D. May 23, 2001.

The import of an xls file (e.g. WBS) poses a challenge as the data format structure required by the tool has to be strictly followed; otherwise the import will not succeed or create data mess.

3.2 Project Management Triangle

illustration not visible in this excerpt

Figure 3: The Project Management Triangle, source:

Scheduling is a real task, it’s important to define the dependencies correctly.

Assigning resources to activities with individual cost rates poses a challenge. After the first rough planning, the data needs to be adapted according to resource needs as calculated by the tool. Resources partially need to be added to accommodate the needs of a schedule set up. Conflicts need to be resolved by shifting activities to the optimal date or additional resources might have to be added.


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PM Tool
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