Prompt Book. A Guide for Theatre Stage Managers

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Welcome to the world behind the curtains, where every scene, every cue, and every emotion seamlessly weave together to create the magic of theatre. In the heart of this enchanting realm lies a crucial tool, often overlooked yet indispensable — the Prompt Book. Originally conceived as "Art and Science of Crafting a Comprehensive Prompt Book for Stage Plays and Dance Performances: A Guide for Stage Managers", this study by Gbenga Emmanuel Adeboye delves into the intricate artistry and practical methodologies of stage management, condensed and refined into the succinct title "Prompt Book: A Guide for Theatre Stage Managers".

Imagine being handed a treasure map that guides you through the labyrinth of a theatrical production, ensuring that every actor's entrance, every lighting change, and every sound effect unfolds with precision and grace. This is the essence of the prompt book — a roadmap meticulously crafted by the stage manager, serving as the backbone of every successful performance. But why is this study essential? Why should every aspiring and seasoned stage manager alike delve into its pages?

Firstly, the prompt book is not just a mere collection of notes; it is the lifeline of a production. It encapsulates the director’s vision, the actor’s journey, and the technical intricacies that breathe life into a performance. Without a well-prepared prompt book, chaos ensues, and the magic on stage falters.

Secondly, "Prompt Book: A Guide for Theatre Stage Managers" goes beyond theory; it is a practical manual designed to empower stage managers with actionable insights. From creating a production bible (prompt book) to managing rehearsals, cueing sequences, and handling emergencies, this book navigates through the complexities of stage management in the simplest, most comprehensible manner.


Prompt Book. A Guide for Theatre Stage Managers
Obafemi Awolowo University  (Dramatic Arts)
Stage Management
5.0 (=A)
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A well-prepared prompt book is an indispensable tool for stage managers, serving as a comprehensive resource that facilitates efficient communication, coordination, and execution of stage plays and dance performances. By following the guidelines outlined in The study and incorporating best practices in prompt book preparation, stage managers can play a pivotal role in ensuring the success and smooth operation of theatrical productions, enhancing the overall artistic experience for audiences and performers alike.
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Gbenga Emmanuel Adeboye (Author), Prompt Book. A Guide for Theatre Stage Managers, Munich, GRIN Verlag,


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