BMW Motorrad Australia

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BMW Motorrad Australia

1. Introduction

This assignment gives an overview of BMW Motorrad Australia with regard to the organization’s structure and the activities it is involved in. Furthermore, it deals with the theory of stakeholders and identifies the stakeholders of BMW Motorrad Australia. First, it will be explained who BMW Motorrad Australia is.

1.1 Who is the organization

BMW stands for “Bayerische Motoren Werke” and is one of the best producers of cars and motorcycles in the world (Dimension Data Holdings plc, 2010). BMW Motorrad Australia, which is the distributor of BMW motorcycles in Australia, is part of the public company BMW Australia Ltd., which is a subsidiary of BMW Group. BMW Group began its business in Germany in 1916 and has been building motorcycles since 1923 (BMW Motorrad Australia, n.d.). According to BMW Group, all BMW motorcycles are produced in Berlin and then delivered to subsidiaries all over the world.

1.2 Organizational Structure

Headquarters of BMW Group and BMW Motorrad is located in Munich, Germany, (BMW Group Company, 2008) and headquarters of BMW Australia Ltd. and BMW Motorrad Australia is found in Melbourne (Autoweb, 2006).

Hendrik von Kuenheim is head of BMW Motorrad (Discover BMW Motorrad, n.d). In March 2009, Stavros Yallouridis took office as Managing Director of BMW Group Australia (Pressportal, 2009). In February 2010, Tim James was appointed to the position of PR & Corporate Communications Manager of BMW Group Australia (GermanCarScene, 2010). According to McNews, Miles Davis is Marketing Manager of BMW Motorrad Australia.

National and international marketing and sales activities of BMW Motorrad are managed from Munich. One of the most important issues is to support subsidiaries and dealerships all over the world (Discover BMW Motorrad, n.d). BMW subsidiaries are managed in different ways. BMW Australia Ltd., for example, builds up its knowledge from other subsidiaries of BMW Group. Schleimer and Riege (2009, p. 31) maintain that, “The Australian subsidiary […] is a more competence-exploiting mandate, as its marketing mix stems […] from the knowledge created by and used at the marketing units located in US and UK subsidiaries”.


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Diese Arbeit behandelt BMW Motorrad und zwar insbesondere BMW Motorrad Australia, liefert aber auch sehr viele Informationen über die BMG Group im Allgemeinen und über die Subsidiaries in Australien. Die Arbeit geht insbesondere auf die Stakeholder von BMW ein und liefert auch Theorie in Bezug auf Stakeholder.
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