Character Analysis: Dolly Scupp in Terrence McNally’s "Bad Habits"

Elaboration, 2007

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Character Analysis: Dolly Scupp in Terrence McNally’s Bad Habits

My monologue is taken from Bad Habits by Terrence McNally and appears on page 19 (1; 2). I’m Dolly Scupp, my nationality is American and right now I’m in Ravenswood, WV, USA at some kind of mental health center to visit my husband; our home is actually in Larchmont, WV (3; 4). I’m 50 years old and have been married to my husband Harry Scupp for a long time (5). I feel like he does not give me the attention I deserve, and that he thinks I’m unattractive because he has got a round and mean-looking tropical fish he calls after me (5; 6)! So, I sometimes feel old, fat and frustrated (5; 6). I’m desperate and kind of exhausted, because I wish my marriage has been different - I just don’t know what to do and how this all came about (25).

About this fat fish thing I must say that am not a slender person, but hey, I’m not twenty anymore and actually, I think I’m a quite good-looking mature woman, and recently lost some weight (6)! Harry just doesn’t notice and that makes me feel very neglected by him (6; 25). Well, what I don’t like is my right foot. My second and third toes are injured and probably will be crippled because Harry tried to kill me with the power lawnmower! Now I have to wear an orthopaedic foot covering, and I can’t really walk (7)! I don’t know whatever reason he had to do that, but well, that’s why he is here now...

My center is my stomach: there are many emotions inside of me - especially anger and frustration -, but I try to control them, and not to let them out (7). That would just be too much. I want everything to be really nice between people, especially Harry and me! Why should I make a fuss?! But sometimes when I’m angry these things on Labor Day, 1963. I was on this golf cart at the Westchester Country Club, and I just got really angry when I saw Harry there on the lawn in his horrible golfing outfit. And I don’t know how it happened but the golf cart was suddenly moving towards him and I ran him over. Well, these things happen when I’m angry, and it’s not like there’s no reason (28)! But don’t tell!


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Character Analysis: Dolly Scupp in Terrence McNally’s "Bad Habits"
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4-seitige Rollenbeschreibung von Dolly Scupp in englischer Sprache mit Bezug auf eine bestimmte Monologstelle (siehe Abstract).
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Title: Character Analysis: Dolly Scupp in Terrence McNally’s "Bad Habits"

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