Business plan for a fictional energy drink without chemical additives

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1. Introduction
1.1 Executive Summary
1.2 Company Profile
1.3 Mission
1.4 Vision

2. Initial priorities

Target group segmentation and positioning

3. Global market analysis
3.1 Target market
3.2 Market attractivity
3.3 SWOT analysis:
3.4 Distribution and marketing channels

4. Financial analysis

5. Product idea and characteristics
5.1 The name
5.2 The style

6. Press Release


1. Introduction

1.1 Executive Summary

The Baia Connectionoffers lifestyle. We produce naturally mixed soft drinks that create the feeling to be in tune with nature.

Our clients are young adults and individualists sharing a high interest in protecting nature and environment. The Baia Connectionoffers the possibility to live your beliefs 24 hours all day long. With ZEEE we provide a soft drinks that either refreshes or relaxes the whole body by its extraordinary mixture.

The market for energy drinks is steadily growing and saw a double-digit growth back in 2004, the US market is even to be the biggest market area in 2009. Targeting at national health concerns about chemical ingredients of current energy drinksThe Baia Connectionknocks a whole in the wall and opens up a new market for revitalizing natural soft drinks!

The Baia Connection’s marketing strategy is to emphasize the quality of our products to increase their availability for every possible customer.

Based on the size of our market and the United States as our market area, our sales projections for the first year are 269,000 €. We are seeking to reach the first positive profit after three years.

At the time we have service commitments from over 40 clients all over the world and plan to aggressively raise our sales through direct mail advertising and guerilla marketing. The high quality and unknown tasty experience of The Baia

Connection’s soft drinks is sure to appeal to young adults and individualists throughout the whole US area.

1.2 Company Profile

The management ofThe Baia Connectionconsists of co-owners Sahand Wahid Far and Johannes-Maximilian Brede. Sahand has extensive experience in human resource management and finance while Maximilian has worked in sales and marketing for years. Both partners will be taking hands-on management roles in the company. In addition, we have assembled a board of advisors to provide management expertise and product quality. The advisors are: Andrew Hooper, partner at Andrew Hooper and Pavlik PLC, Inteaz Alli, veterinarian and partner at Food Quality Assurance, John Toms, president of Bondholder Communications Group.

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1.3 Mission

In 2008 our idea was born to offer a nature loving lifestyle through a range of high quality soft drinks. We provide soft drinks with an unusual way of preparation and mixture gearing on public health concerns for feeling connected to nature and the own body.

1.4 Vision

The Baia Connectionas a company that has been created together with the product ZEEE was founded on a journey to the Hawaiian island chain. Both the landscape of the islands and the native cultures living there provide the base for extra ordinary high quality soft drinks with traditional therapeutic ingredients to advance the quality of our all every day life. We are an environmentally friendly company targeting customers who feel closely connected to nature and its elements. The slogan “the wave you feel” points at the native way of being swayed with mother nature’s resources and methods.

The Baia Connection’s great tasting unique flavors expand the category offering new options to the health and body aware group of customers while still targeting the primary audience of 12-to 24-year-old young adults.

2. Initial priorities

Having a look at long time value creation the company will be focusing on increasing market share in the long view. In the beginning ZEE will need a high amount of cash to be established and generate higher revenue.

The product is entering the market with a very slow market share, but the most promising chance is a relatively fast growing market for the niche ZEE is entering.

Target group segmentation and positioning

ZEEE is to be targeted at customers living a progressive lifestyle and showing a more external targeted value orientation. As the target group is 14-to 24 aged young adults we point at individualists with a high educational level who show interest in nature protection or even share a 68-generation’s body of thought. Peer groups that share the same interests, desires and preferences or are bound in a special cultural way are also intended to be reached.

ZEEE’s main audience is seeking fun, action and achievement. The typical customer is living her or his beliefs. Shopping is seen as an experiencing adventure. Due to a higher monetary situation the target customers rather care less about the amount of money to pay. Their inner beliefs show a distinctive effort to protect the environment and the own health.1


1based on Steinmann, C.: „Marketing Kommunikation“ (WS 2007), ZHAW Switzerland

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Business plan for a fictional energy drink without chemical additives
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