Managing diversity - benefits and problems

Essay, 2010
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Lecturer/Tutor : Sarah Seidel

Date Submitted : 13/09/2010

Name/Relation Number : Aylin Gürkaya 90212

Statements :

Manager: ‘Managing diversity successfully is difficult but effective.’

Employee: ‘Diversity results in communication problems.’

‘Managing diversity successfully is difficult but effective.’

In the last years, globalization has increasingly contributed to multiculturalism which has especially become a very important issue for organizations. The cultural make-up of workplaces has changed to diverse working environments with employees of different characteristics. These new circumstances still affect the interactions and working processes of organizations. For this reason, it has become significant for organizations or human resource professionals to manage the diversity and to understand its effects on the workplaces. The term diversity is very complex and can be defined in different ways. In general, it includes everything in which people can differ from each other. Hereby, a distinction is made between individual characteristics such as gender or race and the characteristics which people can adapt throughout their lives such as their jobs, education etc (Balkin, Cardy, & Gomez-Mejia, 2009).

Managing diversity efficiently can be described as dealing with communication problems, change, adaptability or prejudices successfully. It requires a clear understanding of the term diversity and a clear plan on how to implement it. Companies mostly prepare a diversity strategy including policies which shall help the organization to reduce the problems of a diverse environment. These plans or strategies are then implemented and assessed constantly in order to increase the benefits (Walton, 1999). The good management of diversity can then increase the competitive advantage as well as the success of an organization. It gives the workplaces a greater access to the different strengths of each individual and raises the company’s results. Employees with different backgrounds or rather characteristics vary in their talents and experiences and therefore supply their companies with different solutions or viewpoints e.g. of fulfilling customer demand or adapting to the new trends (Hall, Taylor, & Torrington, 2008). For this reason, it can be said that a diverse workforce can increase the company’s flexibility as well as its creativity (Walton, 1999). Apart from this, a successful diversity management can improve a company’s understanding for its customers and therefore can allow a company to provide a global service with an increasing reputation and image throughout the world. Balkin, Cardy & Gomez-Mejia (2009) additionally state that managing diversity ‘can lead to better marketing strategies’ for the company (p. 122). The knowledge about diversity can help a company to adapt its marketing campaigns to the multicultural and diverse society. In short, it can be said that managing diversity successfully leads to a strong corporate identity within the company and a higher degree of employee encouragement to work as a team and to perform in the most productive way.


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Managing diversity - benefits and problems
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