Superquantic Culture Consciousness

Scientific Essay, 2010

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If we meditate on Eternity and on the Word we enter a dimension of consciousness which transcends relative consciousness; personal and cultural consciousness. It seems as if we were touching upon a dimension which truly is not of this word, while we are in this world.

The word is that by which according to the scriptures everything has been made. God himself is the Word. The Creative Spirit of God from which everything emanates is furthermore eternal, while everything else is subject to time.

The four or five words in the sentence above convey one and the same principle, namely the absolute source of life and everlasting eternal word of God which is ultimately unknowable. The quadruple reinforcement of the Verb provides access to the highest dimension in man, the dimension of the word which is beyond human language.

This transcendence silences the mind completely. It remains in a state of momentary suspension and allows that other dimension to shine forth for that moment. That moment does not come and go. It tends to last. It is as one had tossed a door open, a door of perception which is beyond ordinary perception. It is a perception whose nature is universal. No particulars disturb this state of mind. It is a state of freedom from the waves of the mind altogether: neither particularities of anything nor processes of any kind. No aspect of the relative world remains. There is no object left, because the subject has gone beyond its relativity. The quantum notion of reality in the sense of diverse equally valid vistas of the same reality no longer captures that reality. It is a superquantic state that transcends the diverse perceptions of diversity one could say.

The relative cultural worlds no longer have a meaning because we have touched upon eternity. Time, mind and culture have been left behind as human consciousness ascended to that higher dimension. The concrete world in which one is absolutely grounded is screened and embedded in the nameless reality of the dimension of the "wordless" Verb: Eternal silence reigns as the spirit hovers above the waters of the ocean of life without being touched by it. It is as a moment of creation the creation of the world with all its infinite treasures and resources.

It allows us to rise above earthly matters and to recreate our pristine world as at the beginning of creation, before cultures and other divisive factors entered the garden of life. It is a paradise garden without disturbance. A state of quietness which cannot be touched by anything worldly although one is fully merged in the world. There is not even an emotion as long as that state lasts, neither positive nor negative, neither pleasurable nor unpleasureable.

The entire human reality has been switched off, feelings, emotions, language, thought, mental processes altogether to allow a state of otherness without attribute; a pure state of being; even perceptual instruments are in a standstill while they perfectly perform their duties as seeing and typing, hearing the traffic outside and having a tactile experience of the environment. This superquantic state subordinates what I have metaphorically called quantum consciousness, because there are no more dualities nor multiple perceptions of reality. All aspects of the real have subsided and ushered in a suprareal reality which integrates daily reality along with the perception of that reality. A boundless unity emerges from the integration of the superquantic and quantic states: the primal source, which is the word, which is eternity. And eternity envelopes time. The relative world of time is reconciled by the word and with it the totality of the psychological architecture of man.

Cultural reality and its perception have been merged in their source from whence one can control their manifestation as one attends to cultural issues. The flavor of the flight of the spirit to its pristine source remains and one can bring it in the intercultural daily experience as the source can redeem from its liability at lower levels of its materialization. Technically speaking one can remain in the superquantic mode while one performs cultural duties. It is neither cultural nor universal, but a consciousness which transcends the two while it allows using the quantum optic of the cultural and the universal. The source integrates its two aspects. Thus superquantic consciousness would be the highest imaginable state of consciousness that transcends all aspects of reality while it is immersed in them.

Culture is a human, timely, mental - a relative construct present at a level which man can transcend completely. This supra- or superquantic capability is the ultimate culture manager. It is the Cosmic dimension of the TRANSCULTURAL PROFILER which I would like to present once again for better clarity as usually. It is the DIMENSION NUMBER ONE. The source from which all levels emanate. It is the highest level in the hierarchy that can integrate the totality of existence.


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