Affecting Deep Level Change in the Devine Matrix


Professorial Dissertation, 2009

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1.1 Introduction
1.2 Identification of the problem
1.3 The objectives of this study
1.4 Method of Study
1.5 Scope of the study
1.6 Chapter Outline

2. Chapter Two: Review of literature
2.1 Life Between Life Regressions
2.2 Reincarnation
2.3 Soul Destiny
2.4 Summary

3. Chapter Three: Research Methods
3.1 Records of actual LBL Research
3.2 Contemporary Publications
3.3 Summary

4. Chapter Four: Findings & results
4.1 New Incarnations
4.2 Contemporary Publications
4.3 Summary

5. Chapter Five: Discussion
5.1 Actual Cases of LBL
5.2 Forgiveness
5.3 A Model for Deep Level Change
5.4 Summary

6. Chapter Six: Summary & Conclusions
6.1 Incarnation is a function of the higher mind
6.2 All Experience is good
6.3 Creation of Reality is a Higher Mind Function & linked to meditation, Visualisation and Self Hypnosis
6.4 The Soul can Alter Planned Experiences During an Incarnation
6.5 A Set of Guidelines for the Soul to alter Reality
6.6 Conclusion



In this chapter the basis of the study is formed to suggest that the soul enters into a divine contract with the self, before incarnating on the earth realm. The chapter looks at how a life is planned before it is lived, how it is charted, what the theme and soul purpose is and what the possible risks are to the soul. The actual hypotheses is the question whether the conscious self can become aware of the divine contract it has with itself during its conscious incarnation and whether the self can, in the conscious realm, alter this reality if it so chooses. Can the soul actually change once incarnate? The study indirectly addresses the issue of fate, or destiny as part of the divine contract with the self and tests whether this is in fact pre ordained. If so, can it be altered, and can the soul do so if it chooses. Effectively, the question is whether we can truly control and determine our destiny here on earth.


According to Brown (2000 : 1)” we decide to incarnate, we pick a life chart and we decide to perfect our soul, but not for ourselves – two thirds of our experience is given over for the experiencing of God. “So all of you will take on more difficult experiences in order to perfect. “

The picking of a life chart, or destiny, as it is sometimes called, is a divine contract, or a type of life we decide to lead, before we incarnate. Thus we can decide before hand what the type of experience is that we would want to have. This poses the question - can the soul choose to be anything from priest to mass murderer, all depending on the soul purpose and the desired experience? Can the soul really choose to be bad in a particular life? In addition the question is raised – can the soul decide, whilst in life, to change these lessons? For, if the answer is no, does it not destroy the tenants of free will, or choice? Does the soul have the ability to alter the life path, whilst in the life and either accelerate or change the lessons / experiences it chose before?

Newton (2005: 7) postulates that a multitude of clients suggests that the soul has freedom of choice. So much so, that the choice has free will to decide what and if it wants to progress. In order to address these questions, access to the higher self will have to be gained and such access will have to serve as the basis for an investigation into the realms and decisions of the higher mind. In keeping, the ways of access has to be determined. Such access can be the gained in various ways, but essentially via:

- Meditation to the other side by the student
- Deep level self hypnosis
- Deep level classical hypnosis
- Records of “Life between Life “ (LBL) regression studies

During meditation to the other side, as well as in the case of deep level self hypnosis, information regarding the soul purpose can be obtained and analysed on an incarnate level. However, the method of research will have to rely on the level of skill of the individual in mediation or self hypnosis. Furthermore, the process of (life between life regression) “LBL” can be used in both existing clients as well as an investigation into records of previous individuals attending LBL sessions. Although no limits are set to obtaining the information, this study will focus on the LBL route. In keeping, the work of a practising, independent LBL hypnotist will be used. This study will focus mainly on interpreting existing published research data, but may also use empirical research with test subjects. During the investigation, the following questions will be asked:

- Is the soul purpose determined prior to the earth life by the soul itself?
- To what extent is the soul guided, influenced and perhaps forced into a life theme or situation ?
- Can the soul change the life theme, once on earth and realising the soul purpose as undesirable?
- The most controversial question is also asked – does the soul have the right to self termination of an incarnation?

Weiss (1988:83) asks the questions “can we choose our situation, can we choose the time of our passing over” The questions are answered in the affirmative, via a hypnotic session with a patient referred to as Catherine, who channelled a reply from afterlife spirits known as the Masters. According to Page (2006:80) a regression hypnosis can be used to determine and access memories from the times between lives, when the soul is deciding on the next incarnation.

In order for the study to be effective, certain assumptions and limitations will be set:

- That reincarnation is a given & a fact
- That we have multiple incarnations in many different lives
- That we have indeed agreed with our higher self, to a life path, destiny or evolutionary set of lessons.


The problem or question addressed in this study is whether the agreement the soul has with the higher self, can be altered in the conscious incarnation.

- That the creation of a new incarnation is a function of the higher or God mind.
- That the incarnation of the soul is pre planned and a function of planning during a “Life between Life” episode (LBL).
- That the “ lessons” or experiences we are supposed to have during an incarnation is charted before we come to life.
- That all experiences planned for an incarnation are in fact good and that the evolved soul will love all elements of fate (amor fati).
- That the soul can alter the experiences during the incarnate state.


The main objective of this study is to determine whether the soul can alter its destiny once incarnate. The secondary objectives are stated as follows:

Objective One:

To determine if the creation of a new incarnation is a function of the higher or God mind. Much has been written about the planning and charting of a life. During such planning, the higher mind determines a set of lessons or experiences to have during a life. The question is to determine the level of decision making of the higher mind and / or soul.

Objective Two:

The concept of seeing all experience as good – to love all experience, is called the Amor Fati. In this study the question is to consider if the concept of the Amor Fati is in fact true.

Objective Three:

To discuss and demonstrate creation of reality is a function of the higher mind. To tie back the issue of reality creation in meditation, visualisation and self hypnosis to quantum physics and the observer universe.

Objective Four:

To determine if the soul can alter the experiences during the incarnate state. The question will be researched by studying reports on LBL as well as actual regressions with volunteers.

Objective Five:

To suggest a set of guidelines for the soul who chooses to alter reality (life lessons for an incarnation) and to publish an article to the effect.


The analysis of the above mentioned objectives is to be conducted in three ways. Firstly, traditional academic literature works is employed to establish a theoretical basis of departure. Secondly, contemporary journals and magazines as well as reports are used to obtain up to date figures and facts. Empirical surveys in the form of letters, market research and reports are not employed. Such empirical surveys are considered to be sources of primary information, whilst processed data will be considered as secondary information. This study will employ mainly secondary data to reach its objectives. Thirdly, the study will rely on volunteers to undergo regression analysis during which a specific set of questions will be asked under hypnosis to determine the objectives of the study and to ask the questions pertaining to problem addressed in the study.


Since the study is aimed at addressing an issue that is largely paper based the study will be limited to academic study in the mentioned concepts. Only in cases where a foreign concept can be used to contribute to the study will it be introduced in the discussion. The study will be limited to publications and volunteers under LBL regression.



In this chapter the various different texts that describe LBL, regression, re-incarnation, and soul destiny are discussed. The concepts are compared, analysed and their processes spelled out to ensure detailed analysis. The concept of reality creation is also analysed from a higher mind level, prior to an incarnation and the impact of the concepts on such reality creation is determined.


Three methods are employed:

- Research of actual published works on LBL, re-incarnation and soul destiny.
- Contemporary publications are considered to keep up to date on LBL, re-incarnation and soul destiny.
- Actual LBL regression cases are reviewed. A set of questions are to be developed that will be investigated for use of documented LBL sessions.


In this chapter the findings and results are discussed. Interpretations and deductive reasoning is used to come to conclusions. Conclusions are used to support or refute the hypothesis of this study.


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