The Role Of Creative Altruism In Global Management

Essay, 2011

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What does business have to do with love and altruism? Isn’t that sentimentalism or pseudo-religious unrealism? Isn’t it about the one and only thing which is called profit by any means, corruption, exploitation, colonization and intercultural expertise to get the best from people from other cultures? Is it not the domain of poetry and romanticism?

But if love moves individuals, groups and nations to sacrifice themselves in order to honour what they love, it is a truly gigantic force which should not be ignored in the relational area of life in particular. Yes, you may say, it is all very wonderful, but how do you obtain the magic power of love, what’s the price? Or how can you create, cultivate and access it for practical use?

If there is no love, do what you will it only creates more misery. Those are roughly the words which have been spoken by a wise man. The preaching of churches, mosques, temples and synagogues, the philosophies, culture gurus, everything that is taught in schools, academies and universities therefore seems utterly meaningless if it lacks that fundamental value of values and is bound to become counterproductive individually and socially over time. No value can have any worth unless it is based on love. Without it no solution in any area of life can be truly and lastingly satisfactory. On the contrary the issue will resurface in new ways until it is dealt with in the light of that love which underpins existence itself. Apart from it nothing can be achieved, because no sustainable solution can reached. And man has to turn in circles for years, centuries and millennia until he discovers this secret of secrets, which can liberate him. All measures are non-measures. What’s their connection with my intuition, a Chinese Zen patriarch said 1000 years ago. All human activities amount to nothingness from his enlightened perspective which looks at the temporal from an atemporal perspective. I would like to paraphrase the thousand year old wisdom of the Zen patriarch by: All measures are non-measures unless they are guided by the spirit of Love. Unless human thought and conduct occurs in the light of love which guides and illuminates man his action becomes counterproductive in the longer term.

Interculturalism, however sensitized, aware and knowledgeable remains barren without it. Then, as sometimes occurs, it only instrumentalizes knowledge to get a better deal from the foreign counterpart. Global codes of business conduct and national and international law cannot fully control that state of affairs. Intercultural knowledge lays bare the weak and corruptible aspects of some representatives of certain cultures which can be taken advantage of by unenlightened business partners.

Unless the intercultural relationship is embedded in true altruism and unconditional love for the fellow human being irrespective of his or her cultural origin and the volume of the business at stake, it is disrespectful of the human dignity of the counterpart, who is an embodiment of love, the love of his Creator, his parents and the loving hopes vested in him by his environment…. Love is referred to here as a transcendent quality and not merely as an emotional affair, which does not necessarily have to find outward expression, because it is a frame of mind, although it may move people strongly and express itself in truly appreciative thoughts, feelings and emotions. It seeks less itself than the quality of a rapport that transcends the realm of business interests and encompasses the entire person and the context in the long term. By accounting for the partner’s interest it satisfies its own in the long term.

Any deal should be concluded and sealed in heaven and on earth simultaneously to become a truly sustainable deal. If the prevailing business mentality only consists in purely earthly profit maximization economic crises will never end and individual businesses will continue appearing and vanishing in time because they were not built on timeless human values but on sand which is washed away by the tides of time, the wind and the sea, as the continuity providing unchangeable substance was lacking which alone transcends temporal limitations. Only what is accomplished in a spirit of altruism does not backfire and lasts; it does not breed antagonism, fear and guilt, which are negative inputs in subsequent interactions and create vicious circles. Ventures grounded in lasting values can last.

The spirit of love is a state of consciousness that provides the only true catalyzer between nations, races, cultures – individual, group cultures and societal cultures –creeds, ideologies etc. It is independent of all those mental worlds and exists out of itself and for its own sake. It provides the matrix of the universe and it is forever free and unattainable by any human speculation and desire. If it is coloured subjectively by personal assumptions and convictions it is not that independent, transcendent all pervasive powerful force with its all integrative impact and yet is the most deeply personal motive at the same time because it pours out from the deepest well-spring of the core of the personality. It is based in the personality but transcends the cultural personality. It is a force of cohesion and integration rather than separation and division. It is the most individual and the most universal force at the same time. IT IS ALL. LOVE IS SIMPLY ALL. And, as such, it is provides the actual core of man as well as that of the entire universe as far as we can imagine it. It is infinite, as is the universe. Any finite conceptualization of love apart from its infinite nature is not love. Due to its all pervasive, infinite and transcendent nature it can be the integrator of not only mankind as a whole but it also underpins the existence of the universe.

Mankind needs this agent today more than ever to do the integrative work which is its nature. The moment it emerges the integration is completed. All diversity questions are resolved. As long as it does not emerge none are solved nor can they ever be solved sustainably without it. We need it today more than ever because of unprecedented diversity challenges during the course of globalization and the unprecedented challenges and antagonisms that come with it. It is the only solution to intercultural hate. And it is because of this hate that we need it and first and foremost because it is the only power in the world that can heal it. Neither science nor technology nor psychology nor philosophy nor in particular intercultural research can provide sustainable solutions, beyond the analysis of the situation from a far too relative and limited vantage point of the mental, psychological approaches alone.

Interpersonal and intercultural antagonisms and unbounded competition destroy individuals and societies at the local, regional and global scale. The ecological and human societal environment is on the brink of a collapse. The climate issue as well as the economic, financial and military thread global threads can tip the scale of destiny to man’s disadvantage. And the only force that can stop that is the well-spring of life in the sense of the all pervasive, transcendent and immanent cosmic love whose nature is divine and as such inhabits the human personality and transcends it. It is so mysteriously and uncontrollably powerful and effective that it escapes all human conceptualization. The individual is in awe as well as mankind of this all powerful force that exceeds atomic force. It is bigger than any force because it is force itself of which all other forces are pale reflections. It transcends live and death. It is the only force that can conquer death. All else is governed by this great ruler. And such a big force, the force of forces, is required to conquer the otherwise uncontrollable, unlimited greed and egoism and negativity of man and society, even of its noblest representatives, and which are compounded culturally and technologically in our days.

It can neither be killed by any war nor lovelessness. It is indestructible and it has to be so in order to accomplish its task of man’s salvation - until the work is completed. Then man will realize that in spite of all seeming evidence to the contrary it provides the substratum and the reason to be for his own nature which is part of nature as such.

The cryptic nature of this force escapes theorization and conceptualization and we therefore identify it with a force that underpins all of creation and which seems to point to a Creator as a sole explanation. When the lack of love between neighbours and cultures becomes stronger and stronger it has to grow in order to prevent the eclipse of man’s destiny. At certain phases in the lives of individuals and societies the lack of love assumes apocalyptic dimensions. They compel man to reset the compass of his life on love again. Love provides chastisement in order to be heeded again. It uses coercive measures to guide man on its way, the only straight way, the only inalienable truth, the only true life. Far beyond its dimmed sentimental mirror image it is a tough master and represents the greatest force of the universe. It incarnates justice in the name of love and life itself that exceeds human notions of justice.

Man’s sin consists in straying from the path of love, from which all other shortcomings derive. The identification with the individual and collective constructs of the heart and the mind may foster subjective notions of love which may antagonize true Love, that love which is the basis of life as a whole, and thereby create the antagonisms which nothing can heal except that love which can regenerate and heal man and his relationships individually and collectively.

Intercultural relationships in that spirit of love end all intercultural problems for ever. Nothing else will. Only the good will, the width of the horizon and the intelligence and wisdom of the heart that emerge from that spirit of love surmount any difficulties one may encounter on the way within and without, between man and man, nation and nations, religion and religion. That Love is the true basis of true religion.


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The Role Of Creative Altruism In Global Management
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