The Southern Company Value Alignment

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The Southern Company’s Value Set

Organizations of various sizes use individual values in guiding them when enacting them through various plans and actions. By analyzing the origins and subsequent evolution of personal and workplace values, individuals and organizations develop drive actions and behaviors and a method to drive them to match the market one is in. By analyzing and comparing the degree or difference between stated values and actual plans and actions organizations identify areas for improvement. Without a mirror image of strong values that result in a matching plan and action, organizations cannot create a strong mission or vision with core competencies as stepping stones to reach their objective that improves an organization’s competitive advantage. In this paper, the review of the Southern Company and how it develops and enacts plans to coincide with its values to match its market will be undertaken.

The Origin and Evolution of Personal and Workplace Values

The origin and evolution of personal and workplace values is linked to the standards of ethical conduct based on society’s ethical standards. According to Thompson, Gamble, and Strickland (2005), the school of ethical universalism states “some concepts of what is right and what is wrong are universal and transcend almost all cultures, societies, and religions” (p. 240, ¶1). Religious beliefs, historical traditions, social customs, and current or economic conditions influence universally basic traits such as honesty, trustworthiness, fairness, a regard for worker safety, and respect for the environment.

Developing strong personal and workplace values evolves or results in many things. Internal benefits are seen as employee recruitment improves, workforce retention grows over the long-term, and due to lower employee turnover the cost of training is lower. Moreover, strong value evolution reduces damage to one’s reputation because of incidents that increases customer patronage. As a result, increased customer traffic increases sales and profits. Stakeholders have the greatest interest in a well developed and evolutionary value system. By developing a strong value system prevents government regulatory infractions resulting in costly fines and bad publicity resulting in lower profits.


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The Southern Company Value Alignment
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