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2.3.9. Become a historical figure. Write what you want to say about the world State to people today. An explanation, a warning / a cautionary tale?

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Citizens of the United Nations of the Free World,

It is precisely four years ago that we first heard of the “Army of the Fordist Movement”. Ever since, our countries have been ravaged time and again by the most evil, most cruel and inhuman terror attacks. Thousands of our innocent people have been victimized. The blood of thousands of more people from all over the world has been shed.

Seven weeks ago, the Fordists ousted the Chinese government and put in place their rule according to what they consider to be the “way for the salvation of mankind”. Ever since, we have seen the Fordist armies advancing remorselessly deeper and deeper into other countries’ territories. It is for that reason that our armies stand by, ready to engage the enemy on the battlefield once he reaches our borders or those of our allies. We, the government, understand that Fordist propaganda has caused some irritation among our fellow citizens. We, as the government of the United Nations of the Free World, want to make it clear to everybody what we stand for and what the actual intentions of our most perilous enemy are.

Based on intelligence gathered by our courageous agents in the field we now have a much better picture of our enemy that I am going to share with you.

This intelligence suggests that it is the “ultimate aim of the Fordist movement to overcome social structures” as those we have come to know and like. They intend to replace the idea of living together in a family and a society in which one cares for another with a society in which there will be none of this. Instead there is going to be a form of society which is entirely based on mass production, commerce and consumption. Admittedly, those factors hold importance in our society, as well. But do we actually want to replace everything we are by them? Wouldn’t we lose what makes us human? Yes, we would. In that case, the only word one might refer to us as is “androids”.

Even worse than establishing this consumption based society is the fact that the Fordists secretly intend to replace normal human reproduction by mass production of humans featuring a caste system. Our intelligence suggests that there would be five castes (Alpha to Epsilon) among which the Alphas would be those who are the most intelligent and thus those who get to determine the course of the world whereas the other castes get gradually more stupid and are created for one specific purpose, meaning profession, only. This implies people would lose certain paramount human rights such as the right to pursue one’s own happiness. Over the centuries people all over the world have been fighting for attaining what we today refer to as basic human rights. They have not done so in order for us to willingly accept those rights to be abolished and abandoned.

Furthermore, in order to keep lower caste people on a lower level of intelligence, they are going to inject certain chemicals into the embryos’ blood-vessels that do harm to their brains. Actually, we have strong evidence that this is what the Fordists are already doing in Chinese hospitals and villages to children of working class parents. The intention with respect to this is to establish a kind of predecessor of the lower castes to simplify the installation of the actual caste system later on.

On top of that, the Fordists’ ideology relies heavily on a technique called “hypnopaedia” that serves the one and only purpose of indoctrinating children beginning in the very moment of their birth – or decanting to use the Fordist word. Hence, children are left with no choice but to become Fordists themselves. Our own scientists have examined this technology and concluded that hypnopaedia is essentially brain-washing which means that it aims at suggesting people’s thoughts. As a result people would be even less free as they would not be able to think outside the box provided by hypnopaedia. This in turn would be a hard blow to culture, arts and sciences since all of those are based on creativity and independent thinking. We as a society strongly oppose this idea of confinement of mind. My fellow citizens! Think of what we would lose by adopting Fordist ideology! We would lose the great masterpieces written by Goethe and Shakespeare, great movies like “Citizen Kane”, “Finding Nemo” and many others.

And yet, this would only apply to the lower castes. Alphas for instance – as we see in the Fordist Republic of China – preserve cultural masterpieces for themselves. They also retain the possibility of free choice which they do not grant to those they consider to be inferior to them. Inequality is something we have been able to fight in our society. Throughout history we have come to understand that both, too much and too little equality, can bring about downfall to a nation. Is it not too little equality if there is one privileged caste? Well, Fordists argue that this poses no problem if everybody has been submitted to hypnopaedia but we have not been and we do not want to be which is why for us this issue truly is of concern.

In addition to that, those people bring forward the argument that people are happy on account of hypnopaedia, that they get what they want and do not want what they do not get. Let me ask you this question: “How happy are you actually if being happy simply means not being unhappy, if you do not know the real feeling of happiness?” Certainly, happiness is the ultimate goal of every human being on this planet but is everlasting happiness worth it renouncing to every single other emotion? In this respect I am talking about love. As our intelligence agencies have found out, the Fordists intend to force a culture of extremely excessive promiscuity onto mankind. In general, promiscuity is nothing that our society condemns or resents but we firmly believe in the idea that everybody should decide by himself alone whether or not he wants to stay with one partner all his life or have a new girl every week. Think of a society in which love has been completely replaced by meaningless sex. I think of this as the shallowest of societies and I am convinced so do you.

Another point of striking importance is that people are drugged to happiness. Believe me, this is happening right now everywhere where the Fordists have assumed control over people’s lives. Those people are given vast quantities of a drug called “soma” that induces a state of enduring happiness – allegedly without side-effects. Medical personnel of this government, however, have found out that in fact there are side effects. Tests performed on animals indicate that the continued use of soma leads to a significant reduction of one’s life-expectancy, which in turn implies that the Fordists’ propaganda lies to the people about this.

All of you have heard about the terrors of the Nazi regime in Europe in the 1930’s and 1940’s where people that did not comply with the authorities or did not correspond to the idea of the “Herrenrasse” were simply deported to concentration camps or even to extermination camps to rid the society of them. After World War II countries all over the world pledged to prevent anything similar from taking place in the future. Today, satellite imaging conducted by our armed forces’ space command suggests that large detention facilities have recently been set up just outside major Chinese cities and in the Gobi Desert. We have been suspecting and we now know that these facilities serve as camps for those who dare to openly object to the Fordist ideology.

Matter of factly, we have recently been confronted with the threat that unless we surrender ourselves to the Fordists, we might become a target of Weapons of Mass Destruction.

We, as the United Nations of the Free World, must not let those global terrorists do as they please. We cannot and we will not give up our ideals, our liberty, our freedom, our values and our souls. Time has come to prepare for battle. Our courageous armed forces stand ready to defeat the enemy whenever he thinks of attacking us. United, we will show those damn terrorists the true might of the proud eagle of our liberty.

We will not cave in to dictatorship and terrorism.

Ladies and Gentlemen, in this dark hour of imminent war, we as a nation must stand together and be more united than we have ever been. There will be a lot of suffering and grief ahead of us, but ultimately we will prevail!

Thank you for listening!


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Speech of a politician
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