Tsunami Of The Mind

Scientific Essay, 2011

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A cryptic pun? No longer, for anyone is confronted by global media with what happened as a consequence of the seaquake in North-East Asia on 12 March 2011 and a few years earlier in South-East Asia. Powerful waves struck these parts of the world propagating relentlessly across entire oceans, nay across interconnected oceans and land engulfing everything on their way. They follow an irresistible cosmologic axiom and it is not a matter of whether but only at what time and at what intervals of time they strike inhabited lands.

Water is one of the softest and most powerful forces. It can neither be burnt, nor break nor be destroyed nor contained. It conquers virtually everything, whether it be organic or inorganic. Everything living comes from it and contains it. It is one of living organism’s most important constituents. It is the sine qua non of life. Three quarters of the earth’s surface are covered by its salty variety, the oceans and 80% of the human body consist of it. In space exploration one of the key questions is the presence of water for the colonization of outer and intergalactic space, for then life may be possible. So life is made of it. And the hygiene and nourishment it provides to humans sustain and enhance life. And the living waters that emerge from true faith enable and enhance spiritual life. Therefore the physical and the spiritual waters that nourish and maintain physical and spiritual man are the two pillars on which life rests. Baptism with physical water that symbolizes the living waters of the Holy Spirit epitomizes this dual function of water at the beginning of life.

The tsunami dynamic seems to claim back all life that has emerged from it. It appears to be a nemesis of that life. Why? Although, the way of the water is a cherished philosophy, in particular in the eastern world. It is considered an indirect strategy that avoids direct confrontation and lets the element do its work over time that wears away rocks and mountains in time. It is the opposite of direct Western strategic approaches. Water can be a true master. It can be compared to nuclear energy – and in the topical case the two are combined - whose radiation similarly diffuses in time across the entire planet. The present events drive home that we are irreversibly tied together in one boat in a global village on one planet that in turn has the dynamic of a cosmic wave in the sea of the universe.

Waves, those of water, nuclear radiation or of light diffuse endlessly. So do the waves of the mind and consciousness. They are quantic phenomena and dualistic in the sense that their diverse shapes and forms of hydraulic, nuclear, optical or mental nature can be give or destroy life. The waves of consciousness have been measured in physiological laboratories. And diverse states of mind and consciousness have been attributed different frequencies and amplitudes in physiological laboratories. The war pilots’, who accept their deadly missions, as well as the most highly evolved yogic states of mind and pure consciousness have been determined by diverse measurement techniques in physiologic research laboratories. Neurophysiologic patterns and their impact on the world are seemingly interconnected.

The discovery of the Hertzian waves by Hertz and the invention of the radio have revolutionized the world. Masses and entire nations and the world can be addressed by the message and its associated mental patterns. Can that message-mental/physiological pattern also be used to trigger not a destructive sociocultural and political tsunami as has happened in fascism and similar mass phenomena, but rather as a creative force that transforms the world in a stainless environment?

And early in the past century Niels Bohr discovered that matter and energy assume in addition to their particle aspect the complementary aspect of waves. Through waves we can communicate with the entire known universe. It is only a matter of time when waves in the ocean of time reach their destination. We are receiving cosmic radiation that has been travelling for thousands and millions of years to reach us. And others might receive radiation from our prehistory. No wonder extraterrestrials do not seem to be inclined to communicate with us, if there is any comparable life within or beyond our milky way with it billions of stars. Surely, technology can bridge the time barrier somewhat.

The importance of waves, of the waves of water and of the nuclear type alike is what we are confronted with – everywhere on earth – these days. Nobody can escape them, neither on the Himalayas nor in the deserts. That includes the waves of consciousness which are even superior in reach and impact compared to other wave forms. And depending on the quantic nature, i. e. whether they carry the information of life or death they correspondingly impact the entire world. They are faster than the speed of light, considered an absolute benchmark for velocity in the universe. And if they are faster they are also more powerful in their reach and impact.

Based on the measurability of the waves created by our mind in the sea of consciousness man can also harness the power of the ocean of consciousness for life enabling and enhancing purposes or he can, on the opposite, produce mental tsunamis that are destructive in the world of consciousness. And due to the continuum created by the mind that externalizes its information so as to impact on the physical environment, collateral damages are caused in the material universe. We are confronted with a mind-matter continuum, the two quantic complementary aspects of reality, in which the mind produces as metaphorical quantum effect by triggering analogous phenomena across time and space. Therefore it is necessary to be conscious of and cultivate an ecology of the mind so as to set in motion beneficial waves that diffuse and impact then across the ocean of time-space and consciousness and cause analogous phenomena that benefit mankind.

The impact of our mental wave dynamic, metaphorically the tsunami of the mind, is very much determined by the quality of our mind and consciousness, for it will stir analogous wave patterns in the sea of consciousness. And here the evolutionary and ethical status of individuals and groups plays an important role. On these two cardinal dimensions hinge our interindividual, intergroup, intercultural and international attitudes, values and bahaviours

Out of the metaphorical sea of consciousness human reality emerges similar to physical life that has emerged from the sea and to spiritual life that analogously comes from the living waters of the spirit.

How can one harness the forces of nature for the human benefit? How can one learn from them and emulate them is one of the key questions of some cultures, in particular Asian ones and more specifically Taoist, but also Christian culture, while the actual cultural approaches range, according to intercultural research, form domination in the West to submission to nature in some parts of the Southern hemisphere, with a continuum of transitional attitudes and assumptions in between. Considering nature as inhabited by deities which is also the case in presently Tsunami stricken traditional Japan would be the opposite pole of the logic of subduing and dominating the world prevailing in the West. Japan displays the two in its traditionally-based high-tech society.

The assumption of a nemesis of nature makes therefore sense in the light of the assumption of nature being inhabited by deities which respond. One culture may therefore adopt a culture contingent strategy of risk management in the shape of acts of reconciliation with those deities associated with natural phenomena, while one may tend to scientific-technical risk management on the opposite pole of assumptions and beliefs.


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