Chris Ryan Firefight - Spezialgebiet, Inhaltsübersicht

Presentation / Essay (Pre-University), 2011

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Chapter 1

Will Jackson and his family are in the toy department. His daughter Anna wants to see Father Christmas, but Will has no time. Will sees that Anna is disappointed by him so he says to Laura, his wife, that they shall wait him by the entrance. Will goes back to the toy department to buy a fluffy dog which Anna has seen before. He hears a explosion and he quickly runs to the entrance. He is shocked. He sees his family lying on the floor, both are dead.

“YOU HAVE TO LET ME HELP MY FAMILY!”, he says and wakes up in sweat. His family is dead two years ago and they are lying in the churchyard outskirts of Hereford, but he feels the pain since their deaths. He doesn’t work for the Regiment anymore, he drinks alcohol but he is still well trained. He goes out to visit his family in the churchyard. Outside he realizes that a black car is following him and as he stares the car it drives past him quickly. And in the churchyard he has the feeling that somebody is watching him. He sees two men and Will knocks both down.

Chapter 2

There is also a man behind him called Sir Lowther Pankhurst, he is the Director General of MI5 and he invites Will to London. So they drive with the black car, which Will has seen before, to London. After two hours of driving they enter the MI5’s headquarters on Millbank. In the office, Don Priestley, CIA representative in London, and Pankhurst show Will some photos of explosions and a photo of a man called Faisal Ahmed. Faisal Ahmed is born 1969 in Afghanistan and he’s behind the bombings. The problem is that Faisal once has worked for the CIA.

Chapter 3

Priestley tells Will about Faisal Ahmed’s life:

In 1979 the Soviets have killed Faisal’s parents and to revenge for his family he becomes a mujahideen (freedom fighters against the Soviets). Faisal is very skilled in using a weapon so the US took him to America to manipulate a sixteen-year-old boy into being a spy. At the age of 21 Ahmed returned back to Afghanistan and he became one of the high-ranked mujahideen of al-Qaeda and Taliban. But sometime his cover has blown. He has been tortured by the al-Qaeda but he has managed to escape to London. He has further worked for the CIA and the British but in 2003 he has vanished. He has changed his allegiance and he is planning a terrorist attack in the next three weeks. Pankhurst says that there is a mole in MI5 and that Ahmed has killed Will’s family. Both want Will to find Ahmed Faisal.

Chapter 4

Will Jackson is very angry and he quickly goes out to a bar called Morpeth Arms where he drinks Vodka. Will doesn’t want retribution but he needs oblivion. A journalist called Kate (Catherine) sits next to Will. She offers Will a cigarette and because of the cigarette ban Will and Kate go outside the bar. Out there three guys insult Kate and then all of a sudden Will knocks one of them down. But Will is also injured, so Kate takes him to her apartment. There they make love for. After some sleep he says goodbye to her and goes back to the MI5’s headquarters. He seeks revenge for his family.

Chapter 5

Pankhurst and Priestley don’t know where Ahmed can be, but they think that Ahmed’s sister Latifa probably knows his hiding place. But after Ahmed’s cover has blown up, she has been captured by the Taliban. An informant knows where Latifa is imprisoned and he will lead Will to her. Will Jackson asks for three SAS-men else he doesn’t go to Stan (Afghanistan). Pankhurst agrees with hesitation and he recommends Will not to say anything about the mission except his squadron-team. So he drives to RAF Credenhill, SAS Regiment’s Hereford headquarters. There he talks with Steve Elliott, his previous boss, and Will demands for the best of the best SAS-soldiers for his mission.


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Chris Ryan Firefight - Spezialgebiet, Inhaltsübersicht
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Spezialgebiet für die Reifeprüfung in Englisch
firefight, chris ryan, will jackson, ahmed faisal, mi5, sas, CIA, USA, Great Britain
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