Climate Change - A Corporate Responsibility Report to UEFA Management

Studienarbeit, 2009

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The following memorandum is written to provide the UEFA with social responsibility suggestions concerning the environment. Climate change is having a direct impact on UEFA’s activities in the future as its organizing activities are outdoor and increasingly affected by droughts and floods and further effects of climate change. UEFA is also one of Europe’s institution having one of the greatest travel expenses each year and is thus also contributing to a great extend to climate change on its own and is therefore suggested to provide an offsetting return to the environment. Furthermore, the urgency and impact of climate change deteriorates with almost every newly released environmental report and the world requires pioneers to take a leading role in fighting this problem. UEFA has greatest influence on people’s behavior in and outside Europe and can therefore positively influence this behavior by setting an example. This will make people also act environmentally conscious and ultimately strengthen to make the way for football to continue to flourish in the long-term future. The memorandum will be divided up into five sections. First, some background information on the problem will be provided before issues arising from the problem will be discussed. The third section will state several options to tackle the problem while the fourth section identifies the stakeholders and their stakes in the problem. The final section will provide UEFA with clear recommendations about what climate change programs to undertake and when to undertake them all based on the analysis of the previous sections.


Climate Change - A Corporate Responsibility Report to UEFA Management
Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Chur
Corporate Social Responsibility
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Matthias Zoephel (Autor:in)Christina Zöller (Autor:in), 2009, Climate Change - A Corporate Responsibility Report to UEFA Management, München, GRIN Verlag,


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Titel: Climate Change - A Corporate Responsibility Report to UEFA Management

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