The Importance of Neighbor Countries – An Economical, Cultural and Political View

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''A bad neighbor is a misfortune , as much as a good one is a great blessing.'' (Hesiod). That means, we should at least know our neighbors. It has no importance if we like them or we dislike them. But there is an importance to communicate with our neighbors, that we tolerate and accept them. This cannot only be said about our next-door neighbors, not only about people, who living next to our house. In a more broad view, this quotation from Hesiod can also be applied to neighbor countries.

In this essay I will explain why there is such a big importance to deal with neighbor countries. Poland and Germany will exemplify this neighbor countries, because they have a really special relationship to each other and are also a good example for the possibility changing relations in a positive way even if there is a complicated history. In detail, I will show and analyze the relations between Poland and Germany from three different perspectives: the economical, cultural and political view. Last but not least I will conclude.

Economical View

Germany has the largest economy in Europe and is the world's second largest exporter with $1.120 trillion exported in 2009. The most important business partner for Germany are Poland and France. In general, Germany do not has much raw-materials, so it had and has to be innovative, mostly in technological areas.1

Germany and Poland were important business partners even before 1989, but they are until today. Furthermore, Germany was the first in investing directly more than $20 billions since the change of the political system in 1989/90.

Today: Poland dealt really good with the international financial and economical crisis and had, as the only state of the EU, a growing GDP of 1,7%. Economically, Germany and Poland are really are close to each other. After Poland's entry in the EU in 2004, the trade between Germany and Poland developed dynamically straight forward. Even in the year 2008, which was really dominated by the international financial and economical crisis, the bilateral commerce increased 10%, which means 66,3 Billions Euro2. While Germany is the most important business partner for Poland, Poland's meaning for Germany is growing too in a continuous process. But in 2009 the global crisis even troubled the bilateral commerce and caused a decrease of the trade volume to 18,4 %, which means in absolute numbers 54,4 Billions Euro.

But of all business partners in Central- and Eastern Europe, Poland stays on the first place. In 2010, the bilateral commerce became and becomes more dynamic again.

The ten most important goods of the export from Poland are: machines and mechanical hardware (24%), cars and auto parts (19%), iron and steel (12%), furniture (8%), plastics (7%), textiles (5%), animals (5%), animals and products of animals (4%), products of chemical industry (5%), food (3%), Wood and products of wood (3%), others (12%).3 The Polish import: machines and mechanical and electromechanical hardware (22%), iron and steel (13%), cars and auto parts (13%), products of the chemical industries (11%), plastics (11%), mineral fuel and petroleum (5%), board and paper (4%), food (4%), animals and products from animals (3%), textiles (3%) and others (11%).4

So, machines, electronic hardware and cars are the most important economical goods from both sides, the German and the Polish. In conclusion, there is an intensive economical relation between the neighbor countries Germany and Poland. Both benefit from each other and it is a continuous process of growing more and more economically.



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