The rise of medi moguls

Essay, 2002

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The rise of medi moguls

Torsten Teering

This essay will chronologically examine the economical and political changes which have underpinned the rise of media moguls in the second half of the twentieth century in Britain. At the beginning the essay will analyse the changes due to the introduction of commercial television – Independent Television - in the 1950s. The essay will then describe the period between the late 1970s and the beginning 1990s: Firstly, the ineffectiveness of anti-monopoly law at the end of the 1970s and then the political change to a Conservative government, which weakened the unions and had big influences on media ownership. Further it will analyse the changes in business and economy, the “Alliance capitalism”, and the technological innovations that led to new media markets. The essay will then evaluate the Broadcasting Acts of 1990 and 1996 and their influence on media ownership and concentration. Finally the essay will summarise the concerns the rise of media moguls have caused.

In 1955 commercial television in form of ITV was introduced to Britain. It was difficult to attract press investors for ITV because they saw it as their enemy so franchises were awarded to those who were willing to invest in something that was sure to have early losses. This made the rise of the Grade brothers possible, who became the dominant figures in one of the leading ITV companies, ATV. They also had a major role in the London theatre and entertainment market. They were able to contract talents due to being their agent, let them appear in one of their theatres and televise it for broadcasts on ITV. Despite the conflicts of interests there were no legal restrictions on being both agent and theatre owner or on the only formally separate companies the brother ran which could have stopped their rise (Tunstall, 1991).


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The rise of medi moguls
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Title: The rise of medi moguls

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