Internet Based Service Strategies

Seminar Paper, 2010

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1. Introduction
1.1 The Importance of the Internet
1.1.2 Strategic Changes

2. What Kind of Internet Based Services Exist?
2.1 Classification by Interaction Degree
2.1.1 Information Strategy
2.1.2 Communication Strategy
2.1.3 Transaction Strategy

3. Concrete Configuration of the Service Systems
3.1 Information Systems
3.1.1 Homepage and Self-Presentation
3.1.2 Frequently Asked Questions
3.1.3 Databases
3.2 Communication Systems
3.2.1 Homepage Features
3.2.2 Newsletter
3.2.3 Social Media
3.3 Transaction Systems

4. Case Studies
4.1 Information Strategy Example
4.2 Communication Strategy Example
4.3 Transaction Strategy Example
4.4. Different Realization of Strategies

5. Another Definition of “Internet Based Service Strategies”
5.1 Integration of an Internet Based Recruiting Service
5.2 Intranet and Similar Employee Platforms

6. Deficits of Today’s Internet Based Service Strategies
6.1 Main Causes
6.1.1 Lack of Integration Ability
6.1.2 Lack of Trust in the Security of Electronic Services
6.2 Conclusion

7. Sources

1. Introduction

1.1 The Importance of the Internet

One of the most important trends over the last years was undisputedly the swift development from an industrial to the so called information society1, with the World Wide Web leading the way.

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According to a study of the EITO2 in 2008, 1.23 billion people worldwide used the internet in this year, 2010 it will likely be about 1.5 billion people (fig.1), not including the numerous cell phone users going online by mobile telephony connection.3 Approximately 60% of the German population work with the internet habitually, tending upwards 2% to 3% yearly. Furthermore, computers and laptops with an internet termination are available in 75% of German households,

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The social reorganisation launches changes that not only individuals but above all companies should take into consideration, being responsive to it. This requires an adoption of every corporate division to the increasing virtualization.

1.1.2 Strategic Changes

The economic system is strongly shaped by prearranged framework conditions, especially by the markets. Companies have to adapt in the extent external factors e.g. the internet are modifying markets, to remain competitive.

Characteristics of the internet changing markets are:

- Velocity of information transfer;
- Synchronicity or interactivity;
- Small operating costs.

To be or remain successful in such an internet economy it is not sufficient to react to superficial changes, but trends have to be identified early and incorporated actively in the company’s strategy as well as in the resulting division strategy.

The integration of European markets, globalization and the increasing velocity of innovations, as well as the international and overlapping ecological problems whose solution the economy has to contribute its share to, demand extended perspectives and answers of the management, that goes notably beyond the focus of traditional strategic management.

In the course of this seminar paper, different concepts of internet based service strategies will be elucidated and evaluated. Afterwards, their concrete implementation will be shown by the example of current internet features as well as shining a light on some known companies’ homepages.

2. What Kind of Internet Based Services Exist?

2.1 Classification by Interaction Degree

Internet based services can be classified as three main ideas according to their degree of interactional communication: Information, Communication und Transaction (fig. 2). The interaction degree of many internet based services has risen notably over the last years. They changed from pure information sites to complex applications, where there can be identified the following three developed strategies:

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2.1.1 Information Strategy

In the case of information services the user only occupies the role of an information recipient. This area is developed most. Today, almost every company presents itself and its products and services in the internet and at least equip their production systems with a displaying telesystem. To this category also count services that enable a targeted search in data pools, e.g. looking online for current stocks of spare parts from the supplier. Broadly speaking, the information service covers:

- To inform about possibilities;
- Encourage customers;
- References for further proceedings;
- References for consulting services and contacting.

2.1.2 Communication Strategy

These information systems can be expanded to communication services, using dialog and interaction possibilities. By menu selection, data input etc. the client is significantly involved in the execution of the service. Social networks like facebook or twitter which drop a line to the target audience directly are part of this strategy, too. Summing it all up, communication service means:

- Information issuance;
- Clarifying questions;
- With the administration;
- With actors in the internet and among internet users.

2.1.3 Transaction Strategy

Transaction services have the highest interaction niveau. The best-known representatives of it are shop systems. While transaction systems merely focused on the automatization of single functions within a company at the beginning, nowadays a cross-company integration has priority. Transaction services include:

- Requests;
- Reaction and Process;
- Notifications.

Accompanied by the rising importance of those services, the question for an efficient configuration for development processes comes to the fore. For this reason, we will hereinafter take a look at particular components of every strategy.


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