Music and Advertising in Television I

Pod NiTES© - proposal for new music programme

Research Paper (undergraduate), 2008

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary



Format and Programme Outline

Biographies of Presenters

Audience and Demographics

Programme Slot and Schedule

Approximate Budget

Appeal of Programme





Executive Summary

Pod NiTES© is an all new and innovative multi-format show proposed by Fremantle Media. The show is a reality based music programme and sees sixteen contestants (in groups of four) living and competing together for a total of six weeks. The show deals with four different music genres (Pop, Rock, Jazz and R&B) each represented by a different celebrity mentor. The task the four teams face each week is to create a brand new song within a different genre every time.

Presented by Sharon Osbourne and Will Young the show contains weekly podcasts, live performances by contestant teams and mentors opinions on the performances. Footage as to how the songs were created and what friction occurred within the house will be shown as well. In the end the public will decide which team wins by downloading their favourite song via iTunes. The team whose songs have been downloaded the most often will win.

Pod NiTES© targets the already existent audience of reality TV and responds to their lifestyle by offering live podcasts as well as other interactive services. By teaming up with Apple UK Pod NiTES© promises to be a high profile music show enabling ITV to not only attract various other advertisers but to also offer the viewers an insight into the different music genres and hence widening their cultural horizon.

Being broadcast every Saturday night for six weeks following the end of The X Factor, Pod NiTES© will replace the likes of Soapstar Superstar and cost the channel an approximated £ 6m.


The following report represents a proposal for a new music programme on TV. The proposal gives a general overview of the show and deals with various other topics concerning the show such as audience and demographics, approximate budget as well as the programme’s general appeal.

Information for this proposal has been obtained through various sources including books, journals and the World Wide Web.


Pod NiTES© Real People. Real Music. Real Entertainment.

Format and Programme Outline

Pod NiTES© will be an all new, innovative multi-format show presented by Fremantle Media combining reality TV, live entertainment and interactive services in order to create a thrilling and engaging music program for ITV1.

Set in a house which is to be visualized similar to that of the Big Brother house including the same camera settings, sixteen contestants will compete against each other for a total of six weeks. The pods are different parts of the house that consist of one bedroom and one “recording studio” each; each representing a different music genre namely Pop, Rock, Jazz and R&B. The contestants will be split into groups of four with one member being the team leader. Every pod and herewith every genre will have a different celebrity mentor. An example could be Elton John for Pop, Bono for Rock, Amy Winehouse for Jazz and Beyonce for R&B.

The show will be aired every Saturday and consists of two separate parts. At the beginning of every week each pod will receive a stated theme which will have to be used to create a brand new song till the show on Saturday. Each team will have to write and compose the song according to which pod (genre) they are in. Recaps of how the contestants did this, how mentors helped them and what friction occurred within the house will be shown as weekly recaps in the first part of the show.

The second part of the show presents the groups performing their song; all mentors will then comment on every group. After the show all four songs of the week will be available to download via iTunes. The songs with the most downloads will be the winning group of the following week. This will be announced at the beginning of the first part of the show the following Saturday. The mentor and team leader of the winning group will then nominate one of their members who they think are the weakest performers. They are then allowed to pick any member of a different group they would like to have in their team. Subsequently these two contestants will swap teams.

At the end of the fifth week, the four winning songs of every week will be available for download once again. The winning song of this vote will be the show’s winning song and team. The winning teams’ prize is to perform their song live on one of The X Factor concerts.

Throughout the weeks the teams will swap pods resulting in a total of sixteen songs; four in each genre. In addition all contestants will create four new, separate songs together as a band - one for each genre. These twenty songs will be available via iTunes and will be used to create a Pod NiTES© CD. An interactive website will be set up - on which all songs and various clips are available for live download as well as at the official iTunes store ( will also feature related pictures, video recaps as well as online games and quizzes. There will also be a live stream directly from the house 24 hours a day.

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Biographies of Presenters

Sharon Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne has been working in the music and media industry for over three and a half decades. She is not only a highly successful music manager who helped Ozzy Osbourne launch his triumphant solo career after he was fired from Black Sabbath in 1979 but also formed her own international company, created two record labels and became a high profile concert tour producer (MediaGuardian online, 2007).

Her TV career has been similarly successful with her being a film producer, a talk show host and the star of the well received reality TV series “The Osbournes” on MTV. She has also been judge and mentor on the UK reality TV talent show The X Factor in 2004, 2005, 2006 and currently in 2007 alongside Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh and Dannii Minogue. In 2006 ITV commissioned The Sharon Osbourne Show, a daytime chat show which was scheduled to run for six weeks. The premiere episode received 1.9 million viewers with a 17% share - 400,000 viewers (and 3% share) ahead of Richard & Judy on Channel 4. Her second show attracted 2.1 million viewers (MediaGuardian online, 2007).

Sharon Osbournes’ well established career in both music and TV, as well as her long history of working with ITV make her the ideal candidate to host Pod NiTES© on ITV1.

Will Young

Will Young came to national prominence by winning the ITV television program contest Pop Idol in 2002. He has had a successful pop career ever since and won two BRIT awards; one in 2003 and the other one in 2006. In 2006, Will Young was voted the UK's favorite artist ever in a poll conducted by commercial radio, beating the likes of Robbie Williams, Paul McCartney and the Spice Girls. In 2007 he was voted UK’s favorite artist of all time for the second year running (Will Young online, 2006).

Due to his rise of fame through a reality TV based music program as well as his continuous popularity among the UK public, Will Young proves to be the perfect co-host for Pod NiTES©. Together Sharon Osbourne and Will Young make a charismatic pair that will attract the desired target audience and make Pod NiTES© a successful Saturday night TV show.


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Pod NiTES© - proposal for new music programme
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