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Case Study Analysis - Britney Spears

Research Paper (undergraduate), 2008

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1. Executive Summary

2. Introduction

3. Britney’s Career Facts

4. The Making of Britney Spears
Marketing and Promotion
Music Videos
Live Performances

5. Britney – The Brand
Products and Endorsements

6. Britney’s Management
Record Label
Creative Control
Britney’s Managers
Legal Disputes

7. Analysis

8. Summary

9. References

10. Bibliography

1. Executive Summary

Britney Spears is an American pop music singer, songwriter, dancer, actress and author. She has sold over 83 million records worldwide and is the only female in music history to have had her first four albums debut at No. 1. Britney’s extremely successful career took off in the late 90’s and was targeted at a teenage audience, with emphasis put on her projected image. Her at times controversial music videos and live performances have contributed to her success immensely as have product endorsements and merchandising.

Britney, who was discovered by Larry Rudolph in 1995, was created and supported by a strong management team. Ever since splitting from long time manager Rudolph in 2004, Britney’s management has changed constantly with even her being her own manager at one point. Combined with her current personal struggles this is having a rather negative impact on her career, with her image suffering greatly under these circumstances. Although sales for her newest album “Blackout” have been doing well, critics tend to credit the producers rather than Britney herself. Other critics question as to whether the album, which is predominantly perceived as good, is enough to maintain her successful career.

Taking all these current factors into consideration, it is advisable to contract a strong and stable management team for Britney who will step in to save her flagging career and simultaneously help her regain her high public profile.

2. Introduction

The following report represents a business analysis of Britney Spears’ career. It looks at different business factors forming her career and analyzes how the lack of an intact management team affects her career at the moment.

Research has been conducted from various sources including academic books, newspapers and the World Wide Web.

3. Britney’s Career Facts

Britney Spears is an American pop music singer, songwriter, dancer, actress and author. She has been active in the music industry since 1989 and was accepted into the “New Mickey Mouse Club” in 1992, from where she later went on to record a demo, which subsequently led to her signing to Jive Records. In 1998, Britney’s first single “Hit Me Baby One More Time” was released and became a huge success internationally. It earned platinum sales and became the biggest selling song of 1999 as well as the 24th biggest selling song of all time (Fox News, 2007). According to Zomba Label Group, Britney has sold over 83 million records worldwide and is the only female in music history to have had her first four studio albums debut at No. 1 (Zomba Label Group, 2007).

Furthermore, the RIAA ranks her as the eighth best-selling female artist in American music history, having sold 31 million albums in the USA alone and having a total of seven No.1 singles worldwide (RIAA, 2007). Also Forbes estimated Britney’s net worth at $ 100 million, making her the 12th richest woman in show business today (Forbes, 2007).

4. The Making of Britney Spears

Britney’s extremely successful career took off in the late 90’s and made her the driving force behind the return of teen pop. The late 90’s saw acts like the Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys being hugely successful and hence paved the way for Britney’s own commercial breakthrough. Britney was targeted at a teenage audience and turned into a bona fide pop phenomenon by being a media fixture regardless of what she was (or wasn’t) doing.

Marketing and Promotion

A lot of effort was put into creating Britney’s image and she was marketed and promoted very heavily from the start. From the outset her sex appeal was an important part of her image, however the marketing tactics of her management caused a lot of controversy as to whether she would be an appropriate role model for teenage girls. This was because Britney projected wholesome innocence for her female audience but at the same time titillating sexuality that enticed so many male fans (Sony BMG Music Box, 2007).

Early on, Spears tried to defuse the controversy by preaching abstinence until marriage, and even denied that she was consciously cultivating such a sexualized image. However the more provocative and revealing her on-stage wardrobe became, the less plausible that claim seemed.

In late 2001 Britney’s image/marketing changed bearing in mind that much of her audience had grown up in the meantime. Thus her new album “Britney” tried to present the singer as a more mature young woman. Although debuting at No.1, album sales stalled at 4 million copies perhaps partly due to a new breed of female singers/songwriters such as Avril Lavigne and Michelle Branch serving as an alternative to the highly packaged teen queens. Britney’s image changed once again in 2003 with her album “In the Zone” reflecting her wish to be taken seriously as a mature (though still highly sexualized) adult.

Up until this year (2003) a vast majority of Britney’s hits were written and/or produced by Swedish pop mastermind Max Martin, crafting the sort of contemporary dance-pop and sentimental ballads that made stars of the Backstreet Boys. This hit music combined with Britney’s highly publicized ever-changing image helped her achieve the mainstream success she has been able to enjoy (Sony BMG Music Box, 2007).


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Case Study Analysis - Britney Spears
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