Private use of Smartphones in the Workplace

Modern part-time employees with full-time compensation

Scientific Essay, 2011

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Private use of Smartphones in the Workplace

by Markus Bachbauer


The following text is based on facts and experiences. Assumptions and sources (if known) are marked as such. For ease of readability this text contains mostly male forms but of course also means female forms in the same manner.

All information contained in this document has been put together according to best knowledge and conscience. However, mistakes can happen, therefore this document and its information cannot be taken as a guarantee or obligation in any kind or sense. The Author does not take any responsibility or liability caused by the usage of this document, its information or part of it. This is also applicable for violations of Patent rights.

Additionally the Author does not give any guarantee that described procedures, processes and products are free of Patent rights. By mentioning common names, trade names, product names - also without special identification - it is not meant to be free of Patent rights or any other rights of third persons in sense of Trademark and related laws.

The Author

Markus Bachbauer is, at the time of publication, Professor for Information Technology and Management. He is employed fulltime in the area of Aerospace Engineering and is a certified Engineer for Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering with several further degrees in Management.


This publication is protected by copyright.

All rights, also for translation, reprint and duplication of the publication or parts of it, are reserved by the Author. It is not allowed to use (also not for educational purpose) this publication or parts of it (regardless of its form: photo copy, micro film or anything else), or to reproduce and distribute it without written permission of the Author.

This is not for protection of intellectual property only, but also and moreover to build a network with people who share the same interests. Don’t hesitate to contact me.

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… or better known as “32GB” of memory, fourfold digital zoom, video re- cording functionality in High Definition quality. We are not talking about poor dig- ital cameras, although it would be considerable compared with those specifica- tions. But what else should it be? Well, actually it is a voice recorder or maybe more of a mobile navigation system. But seriously, with all the functionality of the current Smartphones we could easily forget about the origin function of these gadgets - phone calls. This functionality is, by the way, also the one, a Smart- phone performs worst. Usually it is the case that, Smartphones can do EVERY- THING but NOTHING correctly.

But what the hell actually is a Smartphone? According to Wikipedia1 a Smartphone is defined as follows:

“ A Smartphone is a high-end mobile phone that offers more advanced computing ability and connectivity than a contemporary feature phone (i.e. a modern low-end phone). A Smartphone combines the functions of a personal digital assistant (PDA) and a mobile phone. Today's models typically also serve as portable media players and camera phones with high-resolution touch screen, GPS navigation, Wi-Fi and mobile broadband access. ”

Every second German citizen2 is owner of a Smartphone, which is taken to the workplace - just like in the past with the ordinary mobile phone. Ultimately we have to be available all the time and everywhere. Everywhere includes for example - the toilet. Four out of ten people (randomly surveyed) confirmed in an answer to the question if they ever have heard someone “typing” or even “play- ing” on a Smartphone next to them on the toilet. Luckily, nobody had witnessed Private use of Smartphones in the Workplace Wherein this text the word “Smartphone” is used, it shall refer to following gadgets specifically:

- Mobile phones and tablets with Apple operation system3
- Mobile phones and tablets with Google operation system4
- Mobile phones with Microsoft5, Nokia6 or RIM operation system7

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Essentially all those (types of) gadgets have following in common. They are small and handy, we can take them everywhere with us. Take photos and record videos and surf the world wide web via WLAN or UMTS. This fact alone showing this combination should shake up any Company Director or Executive Manager.



2 according to a survey of Konkret Marktforschung GmbH

3 iOS

4 Android

5 Windows Phone

6 Symbian

7 BlackBerry OS

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Private use of Smartphones in the Workplace
Modern part-time employees with full-time compensation
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