The perfect educational system

The perfect system for a perfect society

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A dedication scented by the scent of the ocean`s waves and the courageous sky ornamented (adorned) with the stupendous moon. To the most marvelous woman who floating softly on a carpet (rug) mad of whitish sand while the ocean’s breath passes it`s hand over her hair.

For the one that because of her and just for her I’ve breathed that air (I breaths every day) to you , the one that close to myself more than myself ;the one that close to my heart than anyone in the illuminated (shined) world. To the one that lighted my life with her smell ,to you the one that I loved and I will love ,with you, from you and for you …..for…..for…..the one and the only courageous women in this universe.

For my lovely women (my daughter, wife & my mother)


The educational pleasure is what makes the education effective and not so boring, and makes the student; the teacher and the school all cooperate to achieve the quality of education in the society. To do that, there are many things could be done for that as:

(A) The educational environment

- Students at the first week of the academic year shouldn`t start studying, rather they should spend the whole first week in strengthen their relation with the school environment. By participating in everything in the class starting from cleaning the class, decorating the class and adjusting the seating area and plan, the curriculum, in addition to distributing the books.
- They should also spend this week in learning theoretically and practically the roles and regulation of the school and repeating daily the school code of conduct given by their teachers.
- The teacher should explain the general plan for the year curriculum and the resources that he will get the knowledge and information from and let them choose which resource they will use and also to choose which chapters(from the non- mandatory ones) they will choose so that they complete their course.
- It was found that the best seating method in class so that it will be effective If the teacher`s desk at the back of the class behind the students, that gives the students the confidence and the feeling that they are independent and responsible.
- It was found that the educational games is very helpful in grapping the attention of the students for learning, in 2009, Saudi Arabia, DR. IHAB ABDULWAHAB used the known show (moment of truth) to let the students read and finish studying the science course for grade 6 faster and also in enjoyable way. Just by reediting the show as a quiz ,and making the students earning point up to 10 points as they answer more questions about a chosen chapter. In the same year also he did creat a game called (teacher of the day) in which a student will be picked every Wednesday to exchange the teacher and act exactly like him and in the opposite the teacher takes the student place, he found a huge interaction and responsibility form the students, caring, discipline, more studying, and good behavior about that day, which increased the students connections with each other and the class.
- Uniform is one of the keys of punctuality in the perfect school. School must provide students with a proper uniform and students have to stick to it(no exceptions).
- Any student in the school should have a record file and ID number, where he should memorize it and use for all assignments ,tests or exams. while students in the lower grades should have an ID card hanged on their shirt or neck, contains the school name, student name, class, emergency phone and e-mail.

(B) The educational construction

- constructing and creating the (education council) which is a council with two divisions each one has councilor:-

(1)- First division (the pre-academic education)

A) - the slogan, badge or emblem and direction of this corporationis how much the student understands from the curriculum not how many marks he got.

(2) - Detecting a certain percent for passing this stage (not less than B) for all the students in the country.

(3)- (a)The student that got (A) or (A+) has the right to win full scholar ships granted by the government or their representatives (any foundation, cooperation or companies) to join the college.

(b) The student that got b+ will earn half scholarship

© The student that got b+ and down will pay for education (and all of that after passing the placement test of the college)

(d) The rest of student that failed to receive they will go directly for the developed industrial education and technical colleges.

(e) All the studentshave to pass a standard test in the last year of college to pass (government or private).


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The perfect educational system
The perfect system for a perfect society
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