The Destruction of Civil Liberties of Atlas, a Worldly Known Man

Essay, 2011

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The Destruction of Civil Liberties of Atlas, a Worldly Known Man

The majority of the population knows about the Patriot Act. But what if multiple entities in charge of billions of dollars targeted a single person, trampled over the person’s civil liberties, and reaped protection from prosecution. How might that story go? We’ll give the name of Atlas to the man, since the implication of worldwide participation exists.

Then let us begin with this fictional account. It’s a story of how people, who could very well be family members, fraternity & sorority members, school network volunteers, business power brokers, non-profit workers, local shop owners, religious leaders, sport followers, law advocates, neighbors, and entertainment figures took away individual choice, and hid behind a shield full of manipulated or blind loyalty, never before seen in any court case.

It begins with a woman, as with all major wars. She seemingly decided upon a separation play against Atlas. Furthermore, those in her camp contemplated Atlas return, even if needed by force. They never suspected Atlas would aim and maintain a course for divorce. In reaction, this woman inappropriately and illegally received, whether known or not, support from at least one of Atlas’s family members, fraternity members, her sorority members, once upon a time good friends, and some twisted ideological group that worked to enforce a non-sexual agenda upon Atlas, non-stop.

How such participants eluded the most advance pieces of technology and investigative techniques, used in law enforcement and prosecution, is something for the record-books in criminal conduct. For Atlas, the wheels of justice truly moved slowly.

Fundamentally, these groups operated openly with no guns or knives; rather, they undermined a lifetime of trust a plausibility of trust that goes with a bond of fraternity, friendship, family, or a host of scenarios for meeting people and building camaraderie. Effectively, they accomplish the same things an enemy would do, crouching it in a pillow of knowing what is best, whatever that means.

Yet, this is only the beginning. For the actual story escalates into groups that used women, from the lowest ranks of society to the highest ranks; the tasks were equivalent of the oldest profession in society, prostitution with other intents. They were able to mike women of all types, races, shapes, and classes; they provided scripts that are lower than the single act of gang raping a woman; anchoring among the non-religious and religious. Their participation was bought and paid for, ranging from a mere free drink to actual money to the likely assurance of employment. No venue was immune.

All told, thru a 10 plus year period, billions of dollars, in time, effort, man-to-woman-power hours, and actual dollars, were spent. In irony, it was to prevent: 1.) privacy of life; 2.) an office level accounting role, paying a salary range of $35k to $50K; and 3.) dating between two adults involved by chance of meeting, as desired. To this day, the most centrist groups in the equation have managed to elude detection from any investigation, despite continuing to operate.

As the movement evolves, the groups collectively promoted: 1.) racial strife (black v black, black v white, black v latino, white v latino); 2.) one religion against another, religious v non religious; 3.) mandates to what professional football team one should like or not like; 4.) college sports v professional sports, women’s v men’s basketball; and 4.) sponsored political anarchy between democrats & republicans. In continuation, their efforts included a push of Atlas toward working in specific areas, not of interest to him (TX, DC, VA, LA, MA, FL, NY, NJ, CA, CO, MN, PA, Baton Rouge, LA to Metaire, LA, Greensboro, NC to Raleigh/Durham, NC, Atlanta, GA, to name a few); in essence, wherever Atlas wanted to live, some other area was played. In fact, if Atlas saw the world as red, the world was changed to any color other than red.

Unbelievably, the boundaries of personal takes, on abortion, divorce, sex to living together between adults, practicing religion or not, were attacked. Atlas, surely faced a challenge, given he was for abortion, and a woman’s right to chose; he’s okay on divorce and people moving on with their lives; and clearly has no problem with sex outside of marriage with a woman or living with a woman he’s not married to. Unfortunately, these are not positions of acceptance or tolerable for one of the centrist groups behind the scene.

Atlas rights to privacy were so damaged that even the use of a computer at a public or college library was undermined, known throughout the institutions was his guess. The desire to push the envelopes by these groups was great, at even college institutions, as they used students as easily as the need to eat daily. The computer usage monitored here, as by the same means being monitored at Atlas’ home.

Using this twist, others played to the equation of this knowledge, and set scenes for disruption, intentionally. It was another means, to blunt in some cases, or give notice of upcoming opportunities, depending upon whether or not in step with their cause. Amazingly to Atlas, no one did something simple, called introductions. Of course, in time, Atlas made this hypothesis: when you’re paying a woman, or scripting them behind the scene, to do what assigned, introducing them to Atlas is not a wise route to go.

On a conclusion by Atlas, assuming such an analysis, they accomplish the equivalent of a non-sexual agenda, by another enemy. For rooted in mere potential success, like an enemy, they needed an atmosphere, either by circumstances or creation. Accordingly, one has to dispense with normal social means leading to a man and woman meeting, ultimately deciding in whatever timeline or route, and evolving around privacy without infringement of others. Hence, deafening in cause & effect, centrist groups from varying directions built their pathways toward Atlas, around re-defining economics, upon the basis of sex & with whom v non-sex v even refusal to return to an ex.

The display of actions were made public, long before Atlas realized any aspects of such a presence could exist, in a country called the United States of America; the centrist groups, from a cover of friend to foe, easily moved within any venues; and particulars eluded any investigative groups within any state Atlas lived, or visited. The operative puzzlement: How does an anti-divorce group attack a single person, like Atlas, in multiple states, over a course of 10+ years, and not get caught, much less a scratch?

The same participants, as Atlas surveyed the terrain, surprisingly, believe in mom, apple pie, American flag, competitive sports, raising children the right way, religious principles, good education, family values, and rights to earn profits to better themselves. Yet, many are willing volunteers to violate the core principles under the bill of rights, of the US Federal Constitution. Man, if only a camera could capture a mere walk of Atlas, an entire night of a club scene, to the subsequent arrival at home, and the scripted conversations assigned, particularly when the multiple sides are all present.

Another question, how does one get students, in multiple states & multiple colleges, to participate, both off and on campuses? More importantly, who directed the call to arms? What is the real intent behind the actions, on each occasion? Perhaps, the answer lies within a position, pre-created back in 2001, resulting in folks shopping Atlas around, as to what school district, across the US. As for Atlas, he suspected, this is how the law angle gained entrance.

The Women Factor:

Little did Atlas know, the key to all of these groups, from colleges to grammar schools, from high schools to non-profit causes, from law groups to entertainment, from talent scouting to an art community, from one religious entity type to a host of others, from the educated to non-educated, from fraternities to sororities, from business management to grunt workers, from those in the military to postal services, from professional sports to college sports, from social clubs to strip joints, from northerners to southerners, from young to old, from black to white to latino to asian to etc, were the use of women.

Over time, Atlas deduced, there were no shortage of women willing to assist. The coffers poured with available instructions, scripts, support, monies, perks, and quid pro quo; the budget resources had no limitation of resources or restrictive venues. In the end, one centrist group could disseminate false information of Atlas being married, despite no such case. No one knows whom back then, or to the present day. Formidably, call it a bonanza of tactical application against Atlas, useful to a centrist religious group; and, the original group who took active steps to undermine the divorce of Atlas, to attempting to force reconciling with the ex-wife.

As a result, the centrist groups created the perfect squeeze play. Any real honey was removed from the equation, prevented from formalizing communications, or encircled with chaos to discourage normalcy. Consequently, the advancing base commanded women for non-sexual to relationship relocation, scripting them accordingly, the equivalent of prostitutes without sex; the standing base commanded subsidized known prostitutes, given directions to conversation, technology to mike private moments, and encouraged proof of act.

Factually, any enemy of Atlas could appreciate the sideline of observation, marveling at the favoritism bestowed by so many others. And in the entire midst, Atlas was made a public figure since 2001, with personal information constantly spread throughout the community, virtually daily with a spotlight. Yet, no one has willingly put a spotlight on who or how?

Hypothetically speaking, women perhaps were the real power and might behind the throne. For no matter the centrist groups, the networks’ daily actions were determined by what did or did not happen with a woman. To guess the make-up of these women, they represented all segments. The educated or uneducated, the business-minded or school system core, and hip hop lovers or jazz enthusiasts.

The benefits, might included raises, promotions, jobs, job security, paid rent, new outfit, free entrance to clubs, free drinks, some type of audition, some role desired, access to the right people & places, business deal sought, some favorable ruling, some critical contribution, etc.. Perhaps, it really was not all personal, just business of circumstances, presented by powerful interests.

The women used presented: religious frames of non-sex; one night sex; relationship & sex if Atlas agreed to work for high school systems, in counseling, recruitment, or mentoring; sex was available if Atlas only desired one night sex and agreed not to date; relationships were available if Atlas was agreeable to relocation to working in some non-accounting function to becoming a minister; women were used to parade themselves in the work environment of Atlas, while management watched on camera whether he looked or acknowledged them; others used women via social media, for getting info or obtaining info for others; in essence, for every group, they were agendas set for the women.

For a moment, Atlas surmised the importance. Things like Atlas and a woman attending a woman’s basketball game, nba game, listening to music, watching tv, walking, sex or the mere possibility of sex, conversating, dancing, going to the movies, phone calling, texting, eating lunch, dining out, bowling, and the list goes on, all had ramifications to the causes of these centrist groups. So much so, the actions against or for was enough to cause assets of Atlas to be changed by them, in either existence or functionality.

Contemplating backdrops, seeing the above perspectives, underscores the Atlas realization of exposure thru compromised phone service to emails. Like having your own computer, tv, and phone be a watcher of you, disseminating information to others in waiting. Or, the ultimately play of a community, using coordinated activity, capable of manipulating, both Atlas and outsiders, at will. Equally threaten and threatening.

Continuing the dialogue, the net of participation was probably great. Would it be a surprise if an ex-wife sorority member joined the party of chaos & discontent? There was apparently room for a fraternity member of Atlas. Such connections might find comfort of support from community circles; a payback in refusal to reconcile or counsel high school students? Sometimes, a divorce is not for others to venture into the middle, regardless of their judgment. As to career interest, maybe better left to the individual person, despite surrounding quagmires. The moves of all were smart, undetectable, despite being felt, playing across multiple states, fluidly. At best, a claim of Atlas, reactionary in form, while being pawned across the US. Controllers were everywhere, non-sex, sex, and economics, key ingredients. The community may have received the benefit of their outward deeds, but many have been able to shield some of the other acts taking place.

There is a truth on the power of women, especially when a group provides the script; it translates to a ruling party on major fronts. If one is on the adverse side, of such a weapon, flung by disingenuous hands, the times are an expectation of challenges. Atlas learned that the existence of these surrounding circumstances reflect losses of natural things. The mere enjoyments of: a basic conversation; the simplicity of hanging out; the common threads of interacting; and the sincerity in discussing topics, to name a few. All intentionally rebuffed, in part, so a centrist group could feel powerful, in an effort to coerce the reversal of a divorce or squeeze a particular position onto the plain.


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The Destruction of Civil Liberties of Atlas, a Worldly Known Man
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