The Impact Of Stress On The Socio-Economic Environment Of The Organization

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Stress is the basic factor impacting the organization and is the major causing of reducing the productivity of the organizations. Stress is the basis of conflicts and violence in many organizations. People have problems which need to be resolved otherwise they will put negative impact touching many dimensions of human life reducing the health and the mental balance. The organizational productivity will reduce and there will be problems related to the quality of work life.

One of the greatest challenges facing organizations today is the ever-growing competition, the continuous increase in customer expectations and customers’ subsequent demands. Moreover, customers are becoming increasingly critical of the quality of services they experience. In order to be successful, firms must view stress management as an essential part of their strategic process.

Increased competition has forced traditional organisations to find ways to retain current employees and to attract customers the major task of organisations is to promote customer satisfaction and loyalty while establishing a competitive advantage a major factor on customer satisfaction and loyalty is the quality. Increased service quality through increased employee performance is a viable way for organisations to remain competitive. One strategy which has gained momentum, in services, is the concept of quality and quality management. Quality can come from happy employees. The stress in the organisations reduces the talents and competencies by which the employees impact the service quality.


The program’s planners soon discovered .that the relationships between organizational practices and organizational effectiveness outcomes (i.e. job satisfaction, satisfaction with the company) were weaker among high stress employees. (Monroy, Jonas, Mathey, & Murphy, 1997, p. 6).

The largest changes occurred in selected stress symptoms (e.g. restlessness, depressed feeling, trouble sleeping, excessive worry), followed by stressmanagement skills (e.g. ability to relax). (Monroy et al., 1997, p. 9).

Several studies, like the Corning one, have shown that stress management training can produce significant improvements in measures of subjective well-being and physical symptoms (Backman, Arnetz, Levin, & Lublin, 1997; Cecil & Forman, 1990; Charlesworth, Williams, & Baer, 1984; Friedman, Lehrer, & Stevens, 1983; Tsai & Crockett, 1993).


The social impacts of stress on the business organizations

The social impacts of stress increase the abuses in the organization. It reduces the organizational health by impacting the employee’s professional. The quality of work life is impacted by the emotional abuses and increases conflicts in the organization. The interpersonal relations are impacted and this impacts the team work and cooperation in the organization. The productivity will be reduced by the lack of faith and trust in the organization. The human dignity at work is important which can be lost in the organization due to the stress.

Social Impacts of stress on the business organization

Economic Impacts of Business organization

The business organization is considered as the axis of any economy impacting the business and growth of any economy. The business organization is generating the income by which the society grows in a better way. The human transactions help in the building of the infrastructure and connectivity required for the growth of the business organization industry. The multiplier impact of business organization is transferred to the other business. The money of the consumer’s catalysis the growth and development of other industries. If there is stress in the organization then it will result in the lack of development of infrastructure in the organization. The lack of business relations and trust can impact the productivity. The organizational environment can impact the conflict, last of connectivity and communication. This decreases the quality of employment in the organization.

Economic Impacts of stress on the Business Organization

Environmental Impacts of stress on the organization

Business organization is an industry which influences the environment because the basic inputs of the industry are the bias for the growth and development of quality relations with many axes of the business environment. The quality of the business organization can be reduced by the impact of stress. The relations with the suppliers and the consumers can be impacted if the employees are not happy with their jobs. The sustainable business organization can only managed if the stress is reduced and world life is balance to impact the productivity.

Environmental Impacts of stress on the Business organization


Business organization arises from the movement of people and their various functions which they perform in the organizations. There are two elements in business organization:



The consumers of any organization can only be satisfied if the employees give quality services to their clients.

The organizations need to train their employees in such a way that they impact the work and relations in the professional life. The quality of relations can be managed if the employees are upgraded and they have the competencies to manage the business functions and can enhance the productive issues. The professional training and development can enhance the confidence of the employees to develop the work culture.


The organizations are working the competitive and open world where the competing is not global but it is just at the click of mouse. The organizations need to attain the quality work cultures to cope with changing scenario of the business trends. The attitudes of the consumers are changing and the employees need better talents to manage the productivity issues .the factors impacting the changing business trend relate to:

1. Safety and security in business organization
2. Impact of work values on business organization
3. Managing sustainable business organization
4. Business organization policy and strategic planning
5. Utilizing e-commerce tools in business organization
6. Business organization education and training
7. New business organization products
8. Quality business organization experience (value/money)
9. Partnerships and strategic alliances in business organization
10. Impact of health issues/natural disasters on business organization


1. Consumers are more discerning of business organization purchases, irrespective of what they pay, and have high expectations of quality.

2. In a postmodern society, some researchers argue that the consumer gains as much satisfaction from the process of purchasing as they do from consumption, implying that the purchase process needs to meet these raised expectations with more trained employees.

3. Many consumers across the globe are now more e-savvy and able to use technology to establish the range and extent of buying leading to a greater demand for value-adding in the purchase and consumption process where the organizations have to manage the interactions with talented employees.

4. More experienced consumers are seeking more innovative, unusual and targeted products which fit with their lifestyles, perception of their lifestyle and needs so the business organizations have to build creative work cultures to respond to the changes


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The Impact Of Stress On The Socio-Economic Environment Of The Organization
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