The E-Dimension Of Stress And Environment In The Modern Digital Age

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The force of informational revolution have changed the business landscape and the modern environment of technology has impacted the human life with the problems related to technical stress resulting from the information overload and loss of human and emotional communication. The human relations are technology based where the face to face international and the spirit of working with other emotional bonding and supporting is reducing in the fornication. The Internet, e-business and e-communications have impacted the work culture of the organizations the management should focus on the following area:

work structure and environment

communications and information


Use and value of the technology.

Within Company A, employees and subcontractors utilize cell phones, pagers, radios, and e-mail. As such, employees are rarely unavailable and it is not uncommon to be interrupted during one’s lunch hour. While this inability to “escape” may cause stress, these same types of technology can assist in relieving stress. For those who travel, cell phones can provide a feeling of safety since help can be a phone call away when one’s car breaks down. E-mail and cell phones can both assist in keeping one in touch with the office. For working parents, there is comfort in knowing that one’s children or family will always be able to have contact.


According to David Wiliamson- states, “Technology designed to help people work efficiently is now forcing employees into a state of ‘digital depression’

According to Dr. Peter Honey-states, “Employees don’t feel they can escape anymore”

According to Anne Mulcahy, Chairman and CEO of Xerox Corporation: identifies another factor regarding technology that may increase stress. In an article published by Business Wire, Mulcahy is quoted as saying, “Technology has overwhelmed us with documents…they are a hidden and often misunderstood aspect of business cost, productivity and infrastructure”

According to David Williamson - “One of the worst things a company can do is to forbid employees to surf the web for leisure”

Williamson further notes that a survey of U.S. employees “who had access to the Internet both at work and at home surfed the web for 3.7 hours per week in the office, but compensated for that by spending 5.9 hours of their leisure time on work-related projects”

According to David Williamson-, “It’s about seeing the technology as an opportunity rather than a threat”

According to Authors Karin Rives and Vicki Lee Parker - “The outbreak of war, like any other crisis, has a way of slowing work in many offices and factories”

The authors cite radios and the Internet as distracting employees while keeping the employees informed of world events, but also recommend allowing employees to stay informed as a way of reducing stress. They suggest giving workers a few extra minutes to catch up on world events.

The electronic environment impacting the work

For many organizations, professions, and occupations, the Internet has brought great benefits. These include:

speed and ability to communicate

provision of standard bodies of information

Ability to support organization and employee development managing website materials and interactive exercises.

Managing e- records

The problems related to stress arise as follows.

If e-mail and the Internet are used as the only, or major, form of


then this reinforces rather than dissipates feelings of isolation

on the part of staff working in remote locations or away

leads to feelings of helplessness

loss of control

no indication of the inflections

. E-communication

So effective work structure and environment requires universal understanding that the Web and e-mail systems are for the support and enhancement of what is done, and are not a substitute.

Some organizations are also considering the possibility of using the Web for personality tests, performance appraisals, and the management of grievances and disputes. It is possible that such approaches may speed up and enhance the operation of these matters. However, they must always be followed up, confirmed,

Period, as a precursor to a face-to-face discussion.

The physical structure of the work also needs to be considered.

Internet-based activities and occupations

require workstations

functionally effective

good human quality.

The communication systems and the information

The Internet and e-mail systems are potentially excellent sources of Communications and information providing quick and easy access for all. Problems arise when some, or all, of the following conditions exist.

Information overload

Information overload

Too much information for them to be able to assimilate.


The security of electronic mail and information systems is a problem when it is known, believed or perceived that personal data may be available to people other than those who have a legitimate interest and access to it. Of especial importance are:

Financial resources problems

Lack of trained people

Information can accessed by many people


Stress on the commercial and operational front has been generated for the following reasons.

Precursor of creative high tech websites

Giving standard navigational facilities

High level of investment

Procuring interactive websites to do the marketing of products and give delivery

Management style the response of organizations, and their managers and supervisors, has crossed the entire range of management styles in the search to resolve stresses and strains caused by the e-dimension. The following

Using technological communication

Getting updated

Getting connected and building networks

Use of ethanol to achieve greater value

The critical issue in managing stress in the e-dimension understands the use and value of the technology. This means understanding its overall capability and capacity, understanding the purposes for which the organization specifically requires it, and addressing discrepancies between the two.

They should be given training and understand the affairs of the e-dimensions to connect and to grow

The quality and volume of performance should be enhanced and money should be invested in the technology to get better returns

Figure: Treat each person as individual

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Customer services and public relations staff: The volumes add national customer services and public relations staff should be appointed to manage the customer contacts of the company. The employees should recognize the general quality, value, usefulness, and shortcomings of the Internet and electronic information systems; and recognizing these as a source and cause of stress. They should also understand the problems of information under load and overload. They should have understanding that the fundamental principle of effective management style transcends the e-dimension, and must not be a substitute for it.


Technology has a memes impact on the human beings and the organizations and business systems have been impacted and faced by the technical forces to upgrade and train their employees. They need to understand the stress and the impacts of technology by focusing on the stress concerned issues. They need to invest on increasing the expertise and the talent of the people to help people to grow in beater and get the interface of technology in a positive way


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