Case Study: A Study On Causes Of Stress In The Public Banks Of The Jodhpur City

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Stress management has become important with the changing times. The stress management has become the style statement for the organisations. The employees need to understand the stress and build the competencies to meet the changing profile of the job in the organisation. The basic aim of the paper is to build the strategic base to analyse the causes of stress in the organisation and to develop the options for the growth of the organisations. The paper is providing the insight of the causes of stress and management options for the employees in the public sector banks in the city of Jodhpur.


The modern era of liberalization is becoming tough and competitive. The growing need of specialization in the organization is increasing the demand for talent and competent people. The organization need to grow in a professional because go the global standards impacting work ethics to give better services and products to the market. The organizations have to concentrate on increasing productivity. Technology allows us to do things faster and on a much larger scale, but it also raises expectations of a rapid response and the availability of individuals to interact to meet business needs. This provides both opportunities and challenges for HR to influence how an organization makes best use of its human and organizational capital, without jeopardizing employee well-being and to sense of organizational justice.

The impact of technology has impacted the human interactions and there is loss of quality time to share human emotions which is impacting the human stress. The stress management is essential and the employee needs to understand the work environment and cope with the stress levels.

The organization is impacted with

The work-related stress

Reduced occupational health

Reduced attendance and conflicting management issues.

Application of strict policies and procedures

Lack of attention to Good knowledge management practices

Lack of the right motivation

Lack of opportunities to share and contribute

Cases of work-related stress

The stress can arises from :

Stress intrinsic to the job itself

Role-based stress

Relationships with colleagues/managers/staff

Stress around job security and opportunity for career development

The culture and politics of the organisation

The home-work interface

Role space

Role space has three main variables: self, the role under question, and the other roles one occupies. Any conflict among these is referred to as role space conflict.

Role set

Role set is the role system within the organization of which roles are part and by which individual roles are defined. Role set conflicts take the forms of role ambiguity, role overload, role erosion, resource inadequacy, and role isolation. The above dimensions of conflict are worth considering in relation to organizational role stress. Inter-role distance refers to the conflict between one’s organizational role and other roles. Role stagnation is a feeling of stagnation and lack of growth in the job because of few opportunities for learning and growth. Role-expectation conflict denotes the conflicting demands placed on one from others in the organization. Role erosion is a decrease in one’s level of responsibility or a feeling of not being fully utilized. Role overload refers to the feeling of having too much to do and too many responsibilities to do everything well. Personal Inadequacy denotes the lack of knowledge, skill, or preparation to be effective in a particular role. Self/role conflict is a conflict between one’s personal values

Or interests and one’s job requirements. Role ambiguity is unclear feedback from others about one’s responsibilities and performance. Resource inadequacy denotes the lack of resources or information necessary to perform well in a role. Role isolation refers to the feeling of being isolated from channels of information and not being part of what is happening.

Objective of the study

The basic objective of the study

Causes of stress in the public sector banks

The job satisfaction

To determine the impact of stress on the employees

To frame the suggested strategy for providing the better work culture .

Research Methodology - The researcher contacted the respondents personally with well-prepared sequentially arranged questionnaire. The questionnaire prepared, was divided into two parts, of which part one was used to gather demographic details of the respondents working in the public sector banking sector in the Jodhpur city.

Sampling Area - The study is conducted on the respondents i.e. the employees working in the public sector banks in the Jodhpur city

Population- All the employees of the public sector banks in the city of Jodhpur.

Sample size – The research focused on the participants who were willing to participate. Total 205 respondents filled the questionnaire.

Sampling Design – The sample was designed by the convenience based random sampling method.

Primary Data - Most of the data collected by the researcher was primary data through a structured questionnaire, which was operated on the samples of the employees of public sector banks in the city of Jodhpur.

Secondary data- The secondary information was collected from the published Sources such as Journals, Newspapers and Magazines and websites...

Research instruments - A summated rating scale format was used, with six choices per item ranging from "highly dissatisfied” to "highly satisfy ". In this all the questions were positively framed to study the impact of independent variable like age, gender and education on the dependent variable which is customer satisfaction. The six dimensions of service quality where the average of the questions was taken into the consideration.

Analysis of Data - All the data collected from the respondents was feeded and tabulated and the analysis was done through the software of SPSS version 16...

Frequency Table

The strategy to overcome stress and enhance the job satisfaction

1) The organization environment is uncertain because of the changing needs of the employees in terms of the changing trends of the market..
2) The organizations have to design innovative techniques of job satisfactions so as to attract the employee of the organization.
3) Diversity of specialization should be a part of organization work culture so as to satisfy the choice options of the employees.
4) Skills differentiation of the employees can enhance the confidence of the employees and shape better dimensions of work culture.
5) The organization motivation and encouragement can foster better environment in the organization to bind people together and build the quality work practices.
6) Conduct a simple, regular stress audit for preventative purposes.
7) Make explicit stress management standards in the organization. Make it acceptable for people to talk about issues related to stress.
8) Recognize employees who abide by the expected standards – let them understand through clear feedback that you like what they do.


The organizations are the basic of development of any society. The economic and social security given by public sector is the basic input to build the employee job satisfaction. The completion is high with the impact of globalization but still the public sector banks are offering better environment to develop the work cultures. The long term relationship can be built by the personalized communication process by better providing the honest information through the websites and the brochures.


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