Factors of Success for Webhosting Services

Term Paper, 2006

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1. Introduction

2. Elaboration
2.1 Products
2.1.1 Basic Services
2.1.2 Additional Services
2.2 Customers
2.2.1 Customer Types
2.2.2 Customer Relationship
2.3 Factors of Success
2.3.1 Targets
2.3.2 Finances
2.3.3 Marketing
2.3.4 Security
2.3.5 Partnerships
2.3.6 Network Performance
2.3.7 Tools
2.3.8 Trends

3. Conclusion

1. Introduction

The web hosting market always was and still is amazingly fast growing. As internet usage worldwide continues to increase, the demand for web hosting is growing.

The market is driven by a steady demand and fierce competition among the competitors [TheWhir200409]. Unfortunately there is a huge number of wannabe web hosting companies because market entry got so easy. These companies often fail due to the price war, security breaches, support issues or technical malfunction.

This elaboration is motivated to determine the factors of success for web hosting services. It shall give an idea of how a new web hoster can succeed in the complex market of today.

2. Elaboration

2.1 Products

If one wants to tap into the web hosting market, the first thing to decide is what type of hosting to provide. [WebHostingStrategy] defines the following range of categories:

Domain Parking: register a domain with yet no content on it

Shared Hosting: share space with other customers on the same server

Dedicated Hosting: one web server for one customer

Co-Location Hosting: house the customer’s web server within the web hoster’s data centre

Reseller Hosting: resell web hosting services based on remuneration for the reseller

Template Hosting: create a web site with standard templates

Specialized Platform Hosting: specific platform for JSP, ASP or ColdFusion

Application Hosting: managed hosting of software

Managed Services Hosting: wide range of services to ensure the server’s efficiency

High Scalability Hosting: highly scalable environment to respond to changing needs

Due to recent development the following category needs to be added:

Virtual Private Server: like a dedicated server but shared with other customers

2.1.1 Basic Services

No matter what kind of hosting type one plans to provide, there are a few basic services that every type (even the smallest shared hosting one) must have.

e-mail services

ftp services: for uploading content

domain services: for registering domains

sub domains

control panel: for managing the account

2.1.2 Additional Services

The following points can be understood as additional services, strategies or trends, which can be considered by the web hoster for assembling a comprehensive product portfolio.

Scripting and Database Support

Most of today’s websites need support for scripts (small programs run on a webpage), which can enhance the customer’s website with interaction (a guestbook for example). The following programming languages can be implemented on server side:

cgi-bin and PHP: most widespread programs are written in PHP or CGI

MySQL database: free database system – a “must have” for a web hoster

JSP, ASP, Microsoft Frontpage Extensions,… : other programming languages

Website Builder

Website Builders evolved as an efficient way to publish websites. These tools made it unnecessary for business owners to learn HTML and allow people who are not so well up in technical matters to build their web sites easily [TheWhir200409].

Webpage Design

Many customers, who are seeking for a web hoster are also seeking for a web designer. Therefore one should plan to include these services or at least partner with another company to extend the product portfolio.

Adult Hosting

According to [TheWhir200512] adult hosting still is a good market, although main stream web hosters increasingly follow with special offers.

Interactive Services

“Most hosts are well aware that keeping place in the fast-evolving Web hosting business means constantly adding new features to your service.” [TheWhir200505] Such services can be gateways to new markets. A very new service that extremely increased in popularity is a blog; other services you can offer for your customers may include guestbooks, bulletin board systems, form handling systems…


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