Mitt Romney - Using Technology To Spread His Vision

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Romney Family History

Being Raised In Politics

Incorporating Available Technologies

Salt Lake City Winter Olympics

Massachusetts Gubernatorial Campaign

Lessons From 2008 Presidential Campaign

Romney 2.0 - The 2012 Presidential Campaign


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The forces of technology are ever changing. In each of our own lives, we have seen the transition from using the fax machine, to e-mail, to texting, and now using Twitter and a variety of other social media outlets to give us voice and make our messages known. We may have let many of these transitions go unnoticed over the years, but as we stop and think about how they have affected us, or someone else, it is remarkable to see the stark contrasts that do exist. This paper will examine the lie and changing times of Mitt Romney, the current Front Runner in the Republican Party Presidential Nomination process.

This paper will examine the days of Mitt's youth though adulthood and focus on not only how his environment influenced his rearing, but also how the use of technology changed the path of his life in Business as well as Politics. Many of the principals examined in this document will be easy to relate to, as many of us have experienced personally the technological changes that will be discussed. The fast pace of technological change has different impacts on each of us, but all of us will be able to take some kind of appreciation from this reading and have a better understanding of the role technology plays in our live. Both seen, as well as unseen.

Romney Family History

Willard Mitt Romney was born into this world on March 12, 1947 to a well established and successful home in the state of Michigan. His parents, George W. Romney, and Lenore Romney, had not always enjoyed the life of wealth that they had established by the time Mitt came into their home. George was born in Mexico and had dual citizenship within the United States as well. At a young age, his parents moved to the United States to seek better living conditions for their family. For much of George's life, even well into adulthood, he struggled financially and was forced to move several times to seek employment that would be suitable for his family's needs.

Lenore was born in Logan, Utah, to a family that did not struggle in terms of wealth (Boston). She and George met in high school and after a lengthy courtship that included George traveling coast to coast to stay near Lenore, they were married in 1931. Mitt was born at a time when his father had made himself a success by working in the automobile marketplace. Mitt was placed in normal conditions for the first several years of his education, attending public school through his Junior high years, at which point his parents placed him in a private school (Crimson). This decision was made in part to his father's move into the political arena, which happened Mitt's sophomore year of High School.

Being Raised In Politics

In 1962, George Romney left his position at American Motor Cars, where he was a chief executive, and formed a campaign for the Gubernatorial race in the state of Michigan (NY Times). During this time in Mitt's life, he experienced his first taste of what running a political campaign was all about. Due to the limited technology of the time, that campaign was ran in such a way that done alone, would not produce great results in our current time. George spent much time traveling across Michigan, meeting voters and shaking hands while giving speeches to small groups throughout the state.

Mitt was not used as a main cog in the political machine of that political contest. He was very willing and eager to assist in whatever way he could. It is noted that at a State Fair in Michigan, he took the podium and shared a message of trust he had in his father, stating "he will make things better!" (Time). To make a small note, Mitt Romney is utilizing his son's in a much more active way than his father did, namely because his children are much older than Mitt was at the time of his father's election. As Mitt did mature and get older, his father appointed him to positions of higher prestige within his campaign and framework. Mitt served as an intern for the Governor's office and was present at key political moments in the history of our Nation, such as the 1964 Republican National Convention (Deseret).

Mitt gained invaluable memories from these early times in his life. He watched his father and took note of the confidence he always held, at the power behind the speeches he gave, and at the admiration others had towards his father. He knew from a young age that he wanted to take those traits that would help him through life by being able to work well with others. In contrast to the young life of Mitt Romney, too few young people today have the opportunity to learn these key social skills, due in part to the advent of social media. So much of our communication, especially of those of the younger generation, is done informally though the means of electronic communication. Several studies have shown that the young people of today are lacking in strong social skills, with the root cause being blamed on social media (APA). Mitt was able to further enhance his people skills as he served a 30 month religious mission for the LDS church, meeting people everyday and speaking to them in a language that was not his native tongue. He also dealt with the challenge of only being able to communicate with his family and friends through the medium of writing letters, with the exception of 2 phone calls home a year, on Christmas and Mother's Day. All of these situations further enhanced his understanding of the importance of communication as well as his skills gaining trust of others.

Incorporating Available Technologies

After gaining valuable skills in the realm of leadership from his College years as well as entering into marriage with his High School sweetheart Ann and having his first two children, Mitt stepped into the corporate world to make his mark in business. After spending some time working with Boston Consulting Group, Romney was recruited to join a new firm called Bain Capital. One of the major reasons he was sought after by the firm's founder was due to the fact that "He had the appearance of confidence of a guy who was maybe ten years older." (NY Times 2). The maturity and knowledge that Romney possessed was in part thanks to his early experiences spending time around people of influence while his father was Governor as well as the maturity he gained during his time out of the country spreading Christianity.

Romney and his business associates kept current on the available technologies, just as most business leaders do. He wanted to do all he could to use these technologies to their advantage to bring more money to the bottom line and make their venture more profitable. Mitt has been known for his position on what good technological advancement provides in the world of business, and he has done all in his power to always ride "the curve" of technology throughout his business life (Issues).


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