The Bayer AG - How Knowledge Drives Success

Term Paper, 2001

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List of contents

I. Introduction

II. Presentation of the Bayer AG
a) History
b) Bayer Today

III. Knowledge Transfer and the tools used at Bayer
a) Stimulation of the employees
b) Bayer’s Communication Center

IV. Network of external partnerships and alliances to optimize KM
b) LION bioscience AG and Trips, Inc
c) Syntrek, Inc

V. Conclusion

List of sources

I. Introduction

Every day we are faced with an increasing amount of information and it is becoming more and more difficult to find the really important parts.

And all this in a time in which decisions must be made more rapidly than ever before.

Nowadays, knowledge is the most important productive factor by representing the real differentiation potential for people and companies – knowledge is a matter of survival.

Therefore, Knowledge Management (KM in short) is a discipline used to systematically leverage expertise and information to improve organizational efficiency, responsiveness, competency and innovation.[1]

KM normally provides a framework, tools and techniques to reuse captured intellectual assets – because the key enterprise resources of a company are people and information.

Therefore, this report will introduce you to the management of information and knowledge at the Bayer AG, one of the world’s largest health care and chemicals group.[2]

II. Presentation of the Bayer AG

a) History

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b) Bayer Today

Today, Bayer AG is a health care and chemicals group represented by some 350 companies employing about 112,000 people on all continents.

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The main cornerstones of Bayer’s business activities are in Europe, North America and the Far East, but the headquarter is in Leverkusen, Germany. From there, the company leads the administration and coordination of its activities throughout the world.[4]

The entire Bayer Group offers its customers a wide range of products and services that can be divided into four business segments:

- Health care (reaching from Pharma to Animal Health)
- CropScience (reaching from crop protection to safeguarding food supplies)
- Polymers (reaching from Markolon® to Perlon®)
- Chemicals (reaching from Levasil® to fragrances for processing industries).[5]

The Bayer AG is led by the Board of Management, the company’s highest-ranking group of individuals. It is overseen by the 20-person Supervisory Board. This Supervisory Board is made up by employees from inside and outside, as well as by representatives from subsidiaries, industry organizations, banks, unions and research organizations (each member has one vote).[6]


[1] Compare to our English lessons ´Introduction to KM´, teacher: Mr. Sain

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