Kingdom of a thousand (EN premier)

Tunnel Sci-Fi Trilogy (Eftos-Epos) - Book I

Elaboration, 2012

153 Pages


(I) Causal

Your best minds make things worse, your most clever contemporary in our star systems would certainly hammer out a medium of education.

Flat is round, which is your fairly new, but here already old hat.

Multiverse? No issue. Our science knows that the majority of the universe is the universe. Term shifts are avoided for a long time. It is even worse:

Even if the danger that this book is now like a hot potato dropped will be mentioned here that the above word is already a spurious auxiliary crutch, a subject of misconduct in the linguistic and physical sense. This is explored and can be read at a suitable location. For us, the innermost Article physics a hyperlink over to the ineffable, negating the present. So we pull the curtain affected and no questions unanswered.

The physics describes 49-point-nine percent Planck. The mathematics, which is by the numbers calculated free evaluation by the theorem of Pythagoras, after all, a negative side length as a valid solution. The theory that describes all united, and a hundred percent is in fact incomprehensible. She is the newest discipline of philosophy but not an issue. It's done: After thousands of pages the philosophical babble book closes with the central word.

The empty universe attracts long term no one from behind the stove. Progressive long spoken of the demimonde. Even bolder move, central word system 'or only the central word' the before, even if it is outlawed and feared more than anything else. Even death is ridiculous in comparison.

To say the opposite of a great theory is again one that is just wrong.

Many physicists seem to lack the foundation. Therefore, we wasted on you still have a majority of the best resources to bloated pseudo-random draw theories. Here is one more other ways already.

Instead of even a rolled-up dimension does one explain the environment by hand, with what one finds. Four dimensions sufficient to describe the half of the world.

There is no single event that happened a whole. No process is created or destroyed matter, e = ± mc ². The empty space, the dead universe, the featureless universe. The label is the central word. The central word =

What is the situation in the border area of intelligence? It is easy to set up a sub-space model quickly to bend even a dimension theoretically. In practice it has never had a use out of it.

They exist, the theorists, but they are smiled sympathetically. No, by the exceptional talent, unfortunately, a different trend is clear, even to suicide and to the central word in the noun.

This dominates our thoughts 24 / 7 omnipresent. Behind the most adjectives, the core of each sentence lies the inconspicuous word.

It has spread in the minds as well as in language. The obscurity increases when it leaves out, at the same time it underlines the extraordinary importance.

Even if one takes a false position and there is a lost cause is more important than ever that it is not like one. The academics formulate, both good and drum rum, let it private, she died Sandstone tiling it constantly. Like all doomed.

This is sad but also true, and hardly worth mentioning because it has on the course of this history and any other control. If you like the base is negligible. The brief mention here only for completeness.

In scientific circles there is a clear world, more precisely, it is useful to us worlds that are so much different than yours.

We are very close, as her somewhat at the outer edge, yet never has a probe the earth to achieve anything close. What for?

It provides such missions very far to the rear. Your sun is a cataloged by thousands of solar systems. But contributes only a cryptic name, like so many others lack a proper name.

We know of star systems with planets, your one of them is of no interest to us, when we have very close to our sister.

Here in the first chapter briefly comment on the bustle and swarm. It is a mathematical certainty: We see ourselves on the back. In this finite mirror system is the most Hoaxmaterie the dark, that is, life is rare.

But it happens. Island way out at the edge rather than in the center of the galaxy, it just goes to leisurely, which is a prerequisite. The parameters of the evolution, the architecture generated are similar.

Raah of us is always the brightest extra-solar star Indi noticed. This little Raah, as we say lights, brighter than any neighboring planet and even our own moon, but more on that later.

There is more inspiration: Trivy addition, the main hominid world, our moon Trymoo covered by plants and the most peculiar creatures. Particularly to be mentioned for example the wild Roba, the wandering nomads to pursue a self-sufficient today your life.

Even if we humans claim the green moon so there are still unexplored, self-managed and wildlife. But the reverse is possible: some of Ruba Trymoo are we seen as cheap labor like.

Their untamed relatives Roba, can grant you. Most of the time you hide in the forest swamps. Furthermore, there is much more exciting in our two-star system. In the principal's news brought no Roba attack on Trymoo.

Further out of the water planet Eerx despite the relatively large distance is the Raah of liquid water is covered. It is a relatively new planet, which derives some of its temperature by itself, its interior.

In Him we live, the Eemits, turtle-like bipeds extremely robust with a life expectancy of up to two hundred years. They are the rulers of this world.

Due to the absolute local dominance Its evolution has progressed far. In addition to a complex language of the settlement of the only land mass of the super continent Wahira has already begun for thousands of years.

It is an inhospitable, lakes and volcanoes covered by brightly polished landscape of granite, hard as the reptiles, which they conquered.

The ninety percent of the water surface make it easy to Eerx Wahira plenty of calm down. Algae-like plants originally from the sea were the only native rural dwellers. The Eemits but are excellent hunters, breeders and cultivators it.

Nearly four hundred years ago when we were able to produce not have any causal connection between two distant points in spacetime reasonable real local time we landed the first man on the Eerx.

Due to their construction (from the water coming) you hate to fly, especially in interplanetary space. But you learn quickly. A few years later, the first visit of a place on Eemits Trivy.

They are highly qualified specialists in food production and processing. Its agricultural expertise such robust Apparatus have made a significant contribution to carry us to index.

The first shot deep konventionalraum missions could only work through a self-sufficient food-functioning biosystem. Of the Eemit developed and kept going.

Even though we humans dominate the system Raah Sun now take their control plantations play a key role in the care of our home planet.

Yes, we are more mentally capable, therefore it deported the trivial issue crops and livestock on them. The bissel to make is our credo. Since then you master this task with great ingenuity and panache.

In addition to the wave-particle duality, there is such a well to a certain degree of relationship between evolution and machine meadow, between medicine and technology. In this vast field of social and sociological reasons discussed later in detail, first of all it brings us to Vex, the innermost planet of the Raah system.

(II) Technical Autism

Machine City is a self-sufficient complex along the same day / night of our innermost planet. Several kilometers long and on average a hundred yards wide plant is operated by discarded second-hand robots of various classes.

It also houses the main prison of the Machine City Raah entire system: the high-security wing Suspect Zero, the vernacular, however, only grave-called Vex.

The used machines are dedicated, as they say, that is, they take only one pre-programmed task. There are guards, supply bots correct the mechanical failure of your colleagues, recyclers and new arrivals.

For the smooth running of one of us, Regent provides the Vex, chief organizational operator. This COOs are either military or aspiring young managers who expect a short-term career boost. But the love credits play a role.

For several years, is responsible for managing Nef Silva, a classic drop-outs. It actually looks like this as if he likes to do the job.

Some may be wondering why the machines will simply accept their lot so? It is to say the first time that machines are on all the planets in different application areas. However, by the previous sentence, the question remains open.

Will you please answer must respond to the general question of the evolution of the machines, the simulated consciousness and artificial intelligence.

The ego-consciousness can distinguish us from the outside and inside. This definition is widely accepted, it is enough to live well.

But the price of enlightenment is high. The basis of the basic research has long been on the other hand, the outside and inside the same reference system and is thus omitted consciousness. Tough luck.

Here, too, ultimately incomprehensible stuck in the core and the devil in the details.

Technically considered, or in self-defense, the foundation played no role once again. For the second time so the base is negligible, the environment indifferent.

It is technically possible to recreate a brain and with it an awareness, generate in the colloquial sense. What happened next, however, could foresee no one.

Even the best engineers fail the most sophisticated techniques on the wall of the physical constant self-doubt. The more personality the more brooding. Is it a virus? In humans, it is classified as a disease although the parties are capable of extraordinary achievements ... For artificial brains, it is different.

With increasing mental capacity of the machine, increases proportionally with increasing intelligence of machines known as autism. A machine pulls you and your environment in doubt.

Similar to the Elite suicidal in humans increases in proportion to the intelligence quotient of the applied computing time for questions of principle.

The more capacity is installed, the worse are your properties. They stand around and expect stupid. Early on, you see the poverty of the phantom existence and the selfishness of your activation.

Then you encounter the core problems: the obstacles for which there is no solution, either mathematically or physically.

The philosophy has demonstrated this anti-system, one can read it is the same: the all-encompassing theory can describe central word, nor read.

Other hand, helps neither mathematics nor language nor any other weapon. What helps, however, is stupidity, or a deep bow.

You just have to endure when you are stuck in a temporary, unilateral symmetry breaking, 300 Kelvin from the total zero. This rusty coffin, this voracious gasping for breath monster is to be generally too lazy automatically.

Machines lack the historical appendages, the evolutionary scrap. Of this burden they are free ... However, a disease intelligence and logic leads to depression. Virtual thinking follows logical laws so expect yourself to death.

You burn your local energy with senseless Rumdoktern without ever reaching the green on any topic. They destroy your neural net so rudimentary that they burnt steel pile ultimately serve only to Rohstoffrecyceln.

How should one react in such a situation? What possibilities and opportunities you have?

The best solution is to limit the brain's capacity to forgive and be programmed tasks per type. It therefore represents her professional idiots. The intelligence level out below. Robots are relatively stupid contemporaries. Working animals, helper of our civilization.

Until the physical constant self-doubt, the beginning of the mathematical autism can you really use. to break through this wall is still not succeeded.

Politicians and the military welcomed the new fact. Sociologists raise awareness and simulated the lack of creativity in the foreground. They indicate this is still considered superior.

Less chauvinistic, but in this case, the guys at the hardware, the mecha-Tecs. There, the findings provide some food for thought.

(III) Tunnel

Journey to the nearest star, the Indi and his planet began about 300 years. Conventionally powered ships-normal space, ie, with ion propulsion impulse penetrated into the almost gravity-free space in front between the two stars.

Almost half had been reached. Now the question is: Do we trust ourselves up over not knowing exactly what to expect or we cancel?

Now, reversing stand for several reasons beyond question. Even if the trip be for a no return, leaving the Froscherdrang be no other way out. Second, we also knew that over solid planets like our own are present.

The most important reason, however, were radio signals, which are themselves already received at that time and had to be simply interpreted as artificial. It is observed counting on a civilization that later. The move was so daring.

Five years to travel in space at about 20 percent the speed of light requires sophisticated techniques. Proceedings outside of physics and quantum controlled pulse drives.

The guaranteed long sleep medicine at only three percent of physical activity. As mentioned above contributed to the biosphere itself be recycled circuit also much to the success.

Here is a little note: It is possible, a light year in 5 years to overcome konventional. The drive is not a secret, in principle, if one rankommt to the binding energy and the burning rates, almost trivial.

Thousand times the impulse drive is installed used today only in interplanetary space, on short haul.

In the acceleration and braking phase is generated as a waste product of a pleasant artificial gravity. At cruising speed of 0.2 c is given to rotation.

The message transmission is difficult, but doable. The local time is ticking on the left or right, and c is still 80% faster. Technical innovations spread, building plans may be submitted.

Even before the space program, in parallel, and because of the expected success was a different branch of physics subject of intense research. Since the discovery of the quantum world, this has been explored using every means available. Man shot with guns, so to speak it.

Ring high-energy particle accelerator ever discovered and the associated space-time distortion. The notion of curvature is relative to the observer. The opposite view is equally valid. Elle vector space bubbles arose and disappeared.

The development of particle accelerators was important, but now the same attention will be focused on the here and now.

In interplanetary space, stationary next to our home planet is the Super Trivy accelerator tunnel-generated gamma I. A 300 000 km ring of superconducting magnets. Due to the coldness of space falls away, expensive cooling, a few Kelvin range from an ultra high vacuum near 0k and thus the most empty space of the entire system to produce Raah.

The specific details of the cooling and the magnetic Teilchensteuerung and to be used with nuclear material can be read in the technical documentation. The details will be omitted here, is more important what this machine.

With tunnel Gamma I can travel to. A light-year can be overcome in a few minutes normal space-time. All processes take place here from below the speed of light. Nevertheless, a causal connection between two distant points of space-time is made usable quickly.

On the principle of destruction and the means of production of space relative to the direction of more equal, for the first time to glance at the historical development are addressed.

The indicator was achieved conventionally. Communication difficult but doable. It took place against the same resources as us. It is similar everywhere. On Pak Prime in Indi system, there are also humanoid life.

The Paking were at the beginning of Geo-Stationary Space. Planets had not yet achieved, but the gravitational field of the Pak Prime has been successful exit. The radio signals from earlier were confirmed.

Despite the surprise announcement was actually great as an extra-solar spaceship landed on your second brightest star, your little sunshine in the capital Syntari on Pak Prime.

On the indicators system with its planets and other residents will be discussed in the course of the story. Currently being referred to something else.

Importantly, as already mentioned, the evolutionary events occur in the same universe and the Paking us very similar. In form and spirit they are almost a mirror image of ourselves Later we even placed a higher genetic integrity established as our own. So we began there with the construction of a ring accelerator in space, in our model.

According to loop quantum gravity 2.0 confirmed experimentally that the quantum geometry and, consequently, the spin-foam is structurally stable, smaller and on a space-time area. Due to this fact, it is possible information and a complete transport geometry transfer. The spin network recognizes no difference.

The space can in itself is no background but even a dynamic object creation and the disappear. The large energy while forcing him to extinction in the direction of transport and behind the new sprouting.

The structural changes in the spin network are propagated only apparent on the speed of light away. In fact, they are similar to the short time space.

The capsule is thus precisely positioned in space. The material in the accelerator on a collision shortly before leaving the ring switch. The immense energy is then released in the All exactly the direction of gamma II.

In this inferno, the low distortion, the freely suspended in space capsule carried away and over again released.

How is it? Good question. As with the sneezing of heart exposed and we are totally unaffected by this, the journey will be in the worst room.

With a perfect microscope you can see billions of times more accurate than with such a telescope, but briefly the principle on the large scales:

Due to the energy released and the space topology merge the room facing each other briefly in the so-called bubble-Perel plan.

By diffusing the variety of information exchange is forced. The spin-stable transport capsule will wear the shrunken space-time areas in the transport direction and via emerging space points behind you to the finish.

Even if the technology is constantly being developed is currently the human effort to funnel through the tunnel immense. Therefore, between the adjacent systems takes place only a small passengers. Travel is limited to a few influential people.

However, there is a lively exchange of messages found in almost real time information transfer consumed because of the negligible mass significantly fewer resources.

The step-generators can be applied in the room only in the conventional manner. To the nearest star, a binary star system with no planets, it last even 7.5 light years. This is clearly too much for us today and in the long run. Furthermore, a planet-less binary system little interesting.

So we wet the feet, but overall we just hang around on our static random space-time point zero. The comprehensive theory explaining includes large and small these things even though the latter word to one hundred percent wrong.

They live quite well without the truth. This is also a lie and yet different as untrue. You see, without using the central word you fail hopelessly.

It would do more to read about this theory, which is impossible although the article. too much to bear, so true it is.

People generate local actions. Kingdoms, civilizations, dynasties, Geklüngel, fighting, greed and selfishness determine us in everyday life. The time has come: We approach away from physics and towards the beginning of the story.

(IV) Kingdom of a Thousand

It has been shown that puts in a democracy but with increasing networking and technicality, only even the best marketer in power.

Through all of these candidates, the legal form of parliamentary monarchy has remained constant. President is the king. The royal line goes back ultimately to the ruling family of the Westarp in ancient times.

To break the problem of the polished president since the exchange-presidential scandal over 200 years, the legal form was changed to the so-called 'Kingdom of a Thousand'.

In this pool are the first thousand heirs of the old monarchy, that is, the direct descendants of those Westarp.

The so-enthroned king (the queen) is both head of state and head of government and also head of the armed forces of the Raah system.

Overthrow him can theoretically only a three-fourths majority of the thousands, if it agrees, with two thirds of the parliament. This, however, occurred before.

The selection process of the young ruler after the death of the old is sophisticated. To put it to formulate flat: Ehrgeizler, careerists, Freaks and also Hyper Intelligent fall through. The latter are seeking to do more of a scientific career. Trivial power poker, you leave it to others.

For its parliament to qualify every 5 years, the brightest minds in science, economics and social issues that are called according to a test procedure in parliament. They are authorized to issue instructions to your resort to the municipal level. This means the City and Regional Parliaments receive Regulations and report to the top.

The Kingdom is a thousand of the thus politically not a democracy. Democrats, however, goes into the personal rights of industry to the local authorities and education. The basic law of rights is generally accepted and legal form has proven itself.

People's voice is brought near the future agents during their training at universities. The daily business is controlled and the immense amount an election all x years planet-and even two-star systems to organize far-away falls.

For the past 212 years, this system has proven successful. In the Hall of Kings are real figures, carved in stone.

In remote INDI system is independent of the lifetime of the king always a senior member of the Thousand as President "instead of the king ', as the official title, his life in power.

The underlying structures are similar. One somewhat neglected the remote system, because we were from the conquest of space. The center of power is here.

There are special cases understandable but also unusual in the system. If the chosen dies in the first ten years of his term, it is usually so that their spouse does the top function. This choice is necessary. Just this one will be spared even by the principle.

The second person in the state it is also close to the power and enjoys the confidence of the instances. Only in exceptional cases by two-thirds majority of the thousand can be tilted. It is rare to is already done once. This fury wanted to see anyone in front.

Something peculiar is that only the ruler and his children may not even bear the name of Westarp. The death of the first man in the state and his descendant is too weak for the test to decide so he gets another title of nobility from the Thousand Namensaum assigned.

(V) Ancient, cold

Through the Hall of Kings just the ruler of the entire system Raah-Indi, Queen Hypatia I below, flanked by your Major General Pavel Rebelkov.

"The existence of a regent is unbearable over there on Pak Prime, my queen, which is being scaled down," he rattles monotone. "Their popularity and pseudo-compatibility makes it more dangerous for us. Letting go is growing. My queen is a dangerous trend. "

"Keep your hair Rebelkov, you are too short-tempered." Him rebukes the queen. She continues: "When you come to ours for less. It is the Paking you can know the past. "

"Forgive your need to worship, but now take this band. There were better candidates. Bad that the little bastard of which just this year must start school. Your most well-born son together in a year with this breed, at the same school "rattling the General.

"My good Rebelkov, you are a poor tactician and strategist." Is your short answer.

Hart has become you in your trains and in the essence, since the death of her husband shortly before the birth of your only child, Prince of Westarp Herold.

Today, twelve years later, here in Lyporo whose enrollment in the royal institute of applied sciences Alanis on the plan. A noble house noble past. Many smart and influential people created by it. But even in this proud and prestigious boarding school has done in recent weeks. Things that were impossible in the old order.

Anti-discrimination laws, a hundred years old, allow multi-species classes in some subjects and the exchange in the playground. Due to the integration of the species into daily life here on the Trivy you went in that direction. Most of this support, some few will refuse.

"Humbly, my lady, a college where they teach now the pigs on the Trymoo? Where is the world coming to "mild smile She replies:"? Rebelkov, I have to point out that you also keep your home clean Ruba "

"Very good swing sovereignty, feather dusters, you may as I'm concerned, but to learn? The separated part. Also, I've got it yes to this, pardon my queen, tried cursed tin pails. Cruel how stupid they are. "

"A steady flow problems with any systems and quasi too lazy in the evening to hang on the wall socket. Only the dirtiest activities or war are applicable. "

Almost pity the Queen Hypatia turned again to your loyal General. "War? Tsa tsa tsa. Hundreds of years ago. But I agree with you that our order could be better enforced. Perhaps we should really bring everything over there purely compatibility. Maybe your plan is right. Besides: why should I reject this offer also "?

At the other end of the hall is a friendly-looking collection of people who entertain the excited and interested look. Some even nod appreciatively. It looks like you came from far away. Less because of your appearance, suggesting nobility, or because of travel hardships, no, much more so because the environment will obviously something fremdelt.

The delegation will travel from the high-born family of regents of Pak, Dr. Leviathan Westerburg. Furthermore, from his wife, Ratia, high representatives of the Indians system, and finally his twelve-year-old son Henley.

Dr. Westerburg was first noticed by the close of its regent. Although the protocol allows him to welcome the Queen, he knows that you preferred it if he disregards it.

"My dear cousin, it's nice to welcome you here in Lyporo. Did you have a pleasant journey? "

"Your majesty, I should thank you for the invitation. Well, only a fool called the tunnel boring. Travel without moving hat was. It is a privilege for us all to be here. to visit again and again exciting the system of all our ancestors. Much has happened in Lyporo, here in the hall, the time seems to be a constant. "

When she had been waiting to the last sentence Hypatia answered: "How predictable, the scholar says. There is so much more important! So this is the young prince Henley, your son? "

Thus it happens it that turns to Hypatia I, Queen of the Raah-Indi system for the first time Henley of Westerburg. It honors his mother not look at it. Then it is trained. We are not interested in Ratia to Westerburg what you think and feel you do not care. When the young prince is different, he is enrolled in a year with your own son.

What feels a twelve year old when he looks up at the familiar face of a foreign person is any individual but the entire system looks familiar.

Well, there is no antipathy, since twelve years in most cases are more humane. But in general there is respect for this disciplined, almost ascetic awe-inspiring appearance. Your clothes with the rest to that. Simple elegance combined with unfathomable. Thus, Henley bowed briefly in silence.

He sweeps you a fraction of a second over his head and says: "Clean, Henley, he is very reserved. Well educated. Never say what is false, fabulous. " "This should probably be a compliment," thinks Henley.

Just at that moment will open a wing and some come out looking three strictly military. Among them is Prince and herald of Westarp, Hypatia's twelve-year son.

He is also controlled by extraordinary facial expressions. Dressed he is, this is worth mentioning in the dark gray uniform of the Royal Guard advisor. Unusually for a young prince. He seems older, though he physically corresponds to his age. But he seems to accept his role. More than that: Evidently, they liked him.

Much can be thought of in his sight: If one day he king? If he wins the competition in his favor? Inconceivable, however, and never happened, that he runs in shorts on the football field and play a game of football with their peers. Real-time simulations on the computer are as dear to him. Military education arouses enthusiasm for strategy, weapons technology and the army.

The guard bows just before the Regent and will stop, Herald continues on his mother, buried a hand casually in his pants.

"There are important and special days, today is a 'she says. "Just when you got to know your son, Levi, now it's time to think of it". She turns to the young prince: "You're like always on time, Herald."

He nods gratefully, a verbal response is not forthcoming. He sees himself, preferring instead to travel delegation from another planet with interest. The same age Henley He seems to be interested only in the second. This adolescent spends most time in the presence of adults, with private teachers or in the network.

"Herold, remember you still to Dr. West Castle, the president of the King over there instead of India?" His mother asked him.

Herold turned to Mr. Westerburg but a single question to Him burns on his lips: "What about the tunnel," he stumbles go, for the first time his age needs. He still lacks the experience, what bothers him, although he has already read anything about it. "How does the capsule? Is it true that you will be weighed to the gram exactly? "

"Well," begins Dr. Westerburg but Hypatia interrupts him. "Herold, there's so much more exciting than the vile art. I'm sure there will be soon a job for you over there in India. "After a dramatic pause:" By then you'll wait up. " "Very well, mother," he mutters.

The Queen continued: "Now we are only together once cozy and festive dinner. Travelling makes you hungry. The courtly Eemits have prepared new delicious creations of the finest meals for you. Let us therefore take action. "

Thus the welcome ceremony is officially over. After this feast, the delegations will pursue your own activities. The main indicators of distant political, such as meetings or meetings of your department colleagues Raah.

Of course, the school starts a topic in Westerburg will be mainly for the young Ratia and Henley.

Ultimately, one wishes this delegation in the most stability, more of their own skills and an early departure in the home. Even if you have to leave his son.

Pavel Rebelkov who has kept discreetly in the background during the entire conversation, look at the next days and weeks too happy, but his plans go in a completely different direction.

Her Majesty's most loyal General is planning a coup, a conspiracy, something monstrous.

(VI) on one line

Rebelkov agitated. For weeks he has been working both in private and with some subjects in the project, code-named "New Order".

For the final presentation in which for the first time the Queen maximum self to be present, the General has come up with something special.

This meeting will be held at his home address in his estate outside Lyporos.

Preparations are in full swing. All Ruba, in your simple mind now are inspired, on the ball. You are in your element. Like children, you can focus on a single task and budgetary matters.

"Ravenosch" Rebelkov barks, "everything must be spotless tomorrow. Every square millimeter of the entrance to the conference room must sparkle and flash. "

From your work torn, visibly surprised and confused Ruba jumps to see your lord and master in the face. She replies: "YYYY Meista, iss all good. We make it. We are happy. "

It is almost impossible for the friendly, simple and industrious nature of a Ruba antipathy or even hatred towards match, unless one is a battle robot is programmed to destroy, or a heartless General.

He replied curtly: "I hope your well is good enough! Otherwise you're flying, now! "You wince, the cloth in his hand. Of which he inspired continues, "Then you can offer your services, whoever. Never again will you come in such a noble household. Most likely you'll be unemployed and I even know what that means for one of you. "

Oh yes, he has right: A Ruba without a job is a sad creature. She immediately lowered her head and cleans obsessively on in all corners and all edges.

The next day. Today time has come you will. For five weeks he is working towards this moment. The previous meetings took place exclusively with the military in the General Office of the Ministry of Defence.

On this day, that is, the crowning glory. Under his personal direction is subsequently presented his project to the improved order in the presence of the Queen in person.

Promptly at ten meetings, the first strategists of your army. Young aspiring tactician are also lower. The oval table in the conference-hall is filling up rapidly. Rebelkov enters the room, the entropy increases.

Immediately formed a cluster. Tributes to be feigned ". Sir, I am at your complete disposal" welcomed him Alepto Retzlav, an aspiring young major.

Rebelkov appeased: "Gentlemen, I ask you now to take place, why we are here, we all know. However, I beg to countenance, especially as our commander in chief is on his way here. "" Of course sir, "replied Retzlav and does diligently to his seat flit.

The tension is high in the hall, despite the wonderful ambiance. A Chamber in the house. Sun flooded through the glass front of the winter garden, with its precious orchids and hundred-year-old bonsai.

Rebelkov is from the old school. He is no friend of technology. "Everything can be heard," he thinks the best is still the direct communication. Strange, however, that it be integrated in desktop monitor, informing him first.

He raises his arms, all chickens smothered murmur. Then he just says "time has come." Everyone knows what was meant.

Two bodyguards of Her Majesty the leaves open, Hypatia I appears on the scene. Immediately jump to the participants from their seats and stand at attention, Rebelkov you make, at the entrance facing the front side of the table.

Your place is the opposite back of the room. With a possible, although unlikely attack while browsing the furthest away, the best protected. This rule dates back to ancient times but no one dares to question, let alone find fault it. Is also back, the last unsuccessful attack more than two hundred years.

As you might also: The Regent of two solar systems. A direct descendant from the ancient race of those Westarp, Parliament President and Commander in one person. It is present: in full regalia.

Their appearance and now you invade a single demonstration of nobility and power. At each step softly rustling your Münzkrone.

What is an absolute dominance, such an extraordinary special position possible in an enlightened and modern society?

Imagine growing up in a system, the living memory of a single dynasty ruled is passable. There were always difficulties, but are being replaced since the president has steadily improved. The list of achievements is long, the system of thousands of proven, excellent candidates.

Since the early days everyone here knows the stories and legends abound in this ancient noble family. The flesh of these top of society to face the top division takes your breath away.

The power position of the Imperial crown is absolute. Even if one of you killed the system would automatically determine one of Westarp, quite apart from the fact that the bombers bring the rest of his life in the Vex-Grave could.

Without looking at the picture, let alone with any person, including Rebelkov contact with them, she says in the room while you continue on your course zuschreitet, the following words: "Generals Gentlemen, take a seat."

Buy everything fits. She continues: "Well you have found here Rebelkov, especially like the garden." The winter garden was meant, then says in a fit of spontaneity: "tilting but sometimes one is a window that is a bit more of the mood inside is here."

Tumult. Three young majors jump sit with his back to the Winter Palace in garden. Alepto Retzlav is the fastest. He tilts the window and looks with treudoofem dachshund look over in the direction of his commander in chief.

This makes no move to return the gaze. His form has already been deleted from the short-term memory. Instead, she says: "Better is" and spread out your arms. "So Rebelkov what you tell us?"

The General waits a second until all heads are turned towards him. He begins: "commander in chief, gentlemen. You all know that our order, ultimately limited by the physics, could be enforced over in Indi system better. Our influence and thus loses the ancient kingdom of power. "

Some generals turn to each other. Alepto Rezlav attracts a very important expression. Was that the occasion on which they have waited so long? For some time now, the saying sneers of the "washing and cleaning the Army." The glory days are long gone.

Rebelkov continues: "The current president of King's workshop, Dr. Leviathan Westerburg, over in Syntari on Pak Prime ..." He looks around telling ". Is sub-optimal for us," Major Retzlav smiles consensus.

"The Paking," the General continued, "So this, I will sometimes call local hominids ..." faces carved blocks in the round, "you're actually hearing." Re-amused faces at the table.

Retzlav must now losbellen easy! Probably because of its gerademal the age of 27. He believes himself to be very imaginative, "We could simply make him disappear. He's currently here. A small technical defect in the tunnel, ready! "Alepto looks hopeful in the face of his superiors, the slap comes but once.

"Retzlav, are you mad?" He begins. This is in bright red. Yes, it is possible to mutate within a second of tomato. "The physicists wait but only one incident. Then make the system close to us immediately. Travel is then no longer possible in the long run. We can be happy that the technology works as stable, sir. "

The last two words he emphasized particularly, the Alepto Retzlav now fully exposed to the public ridicule. Honest laughter breaks out. Even Hypatia I just pulls the eyebrows up.

"No, No! We must be more subtle, "he says, now confidently twice. "If we can prove that the local authority will fail if we run the Paking realize how blind to Westerburg, then the legislature can make changes in our favor."

He looks around. Everyone in the room listen with rapt attention. So he continues, "emergency laws are an excellent means of disempowerment. The days of open war, which are long gone. But how are we to achieve what you suggest? "

Murmur, but no open speech. This is Rebelkov's hour. Suddenly, almost inaudibly, between the whispers a grinding noise. No one other than the General, it is noticed. This has an immediate suspect, but in contrast to the young Major Retzlav we see no change in his face.

He quickly adds, "terrorism, terror attacks. We take this pack "(his common synonym for the Paking)" where it hurts you the most. For details, gentlemen, come into play. I'm sure you will find something nice. "Pause. The cat is out of the bag.

"What if we fly up," says one of the addressee, "the damage would be immense."

Impatient with the fingers typing Rebelkov barks back: "Here sits the head of our military, the best-trained generals and strategists of a two-star system. Highly decorated instances of an ancient monarchy. The elite. You come to me with failure? There can be no such "

Derided the cuts entered his head. Rebelkov is now in a rage. He gets up, gesticulating wildly. "Ultimately, a much larger target to be achieved." Retzlav, now back to normal colors, lost listens in awe. He waits anxiously as everyone else on what is now hoping.

"Our highly well-born queen, and your noble son is to be presented to the crown, as before. The new manifestation of a solid succession, the abolition of the Kingdom of thousands. That must be our highest goal. "

Silence in the room, except for the gentle breeze from the other side of the conservatory and then a gray, almost inaudible sound. In this situation, however, is neither the first nor the second or anything significant. Much too large the tension and excitement is now that the internal real projects on the table. A brutal intervention in the existing order.

After an eternity, actually only a few seconds passed, the earned Altgardist Chrysostom helmet jet wishes to speak. A man was seen coming and going of already one or the other and Rebelkov.

"Sir, my queen. We risk losing our humanity to give up our principles," the latter turning your head in his direction. "Of course all of this, however, perched on my ABSOLUTE loyalty to the reigning monarch. Is more, this oath has gathered each done here. Their presence very same are committed to the highest discretion, to silence. "

Do not dare to interrupt, the Queen waits for his subsequent comments. "This round table is moving at an unprecedented gray area on thin ice. Their presence alone revered Hypatia befielt us be silent. "Expressionless she sees him still ongoing. "If it is missing I would be tomorrow requires the assembly of a thousand to go to the plan. You know that I'm assuming everything said is in your interest, your majesty? "

Everyone present looks right into the void. No one but the Altgardisten would have dared to ask such a question. Everyone is aware of: the here and now history is written.

Slowly, slowly, carefully, you replied the following words: "General jet helmet, yes I remember exactly how my husband, King III of Antonin Westarp then created in the Palais des Samtrigwall palace crowning the insignia of power. Even your words I remember exactly. "

Helm beam listened intently. "Responsibility, a maximum of it. Restrictions, and committed to the vital interests of the system. "

"I never agreed with full knowledge of this meeting and decided to participate because the statements Rebelkovs vote. I write this "

While this is sitting there only head slightly down, but inwardly happy. "The move is a return to monarchy surprised me but again I agree. We live in times of change, especially over the Indians. However, there are times the technical stability. What's been added since the tunnel? We need change us over there or you'll slip through your fingers. "

Such remarks are unusual for you. Only on very special occasions you mentioned your late husband, King Antonin III. She continues.

"The suffering less of the higher good of our position here in Lyporo is acceptable. In accordance with my powers I command a vital Regental oath and hereby to the fullest support of the proposal Rebelkov.

Such an oath is the highest-to-get command. No one, even jet helmet has ever received such a plan. Only heard about Him known.

"If this should be any different opinion, he lifted his arm and then leave the room under threat strict disciplinary measures for any indiscretion."

She looks in the round. All hands are on the table. Three reasons play a role: first, the boredom in the ironing and cooking Army. Second, the loyalty of each individual subscriber line and third, the epochal speech just held your own, Hypatia's the first one.

They take back the word "Fine, then that's settled. The internals you accept Rebelkov. I expect regular report. "She gets up and leaves the scene without looking back even once.

Rebelkov rises in the general unrest, he says: "Gentlemen, you have your instructions. See you in the Ministry of Defence. Expect me there later, right now I have only to discuss something with Helga. The meeting is closed. "

This was a clear statement to clear the hall, but Retzlav is immediately on foot. This time he caught Rebelkov but on the wrong. "! Retzlav you have your info, I'll see you at ease demeanor" "Goodbye, General continued," A deep bow, and he was like everyone else.

He closes the door wing. His presumption, his terrible suspicions. He has to pursue him now. It includes a tilted window and enters the conservatory. As he sees you in the back corner, armed with mop and bucket.

"RRRavenosch!" He screams, beside himself with rage. "What are you doing here? What did you hear? "Ravenosch the hard-working, trembling all over. She is innocent. From the inside makes it impossible to see the reflection in the Chamber. Policy is anyway the last for which you are interested. Your priority is solely all flashes and blinks.

It produces no sound. Rebelkov yells "So that's that: It is spied in his own house" Then he speaks softly yet devastating words: "I will now go to Helga Rottweil. This makes your papers ready. You are dismissed. "

He leaves all the misery in the world. Trembling shakes, convulsions, situated on the ground, the rag in your hand still, unable to move. Soon will come the valet and you throw out.

(VII) Alanis College

Defeated five weeks spent Prince Henley to Westerburg Now in Lyporo. A time of great boredom. As a young prince, you have to know it's hard someone the same age. One can say that even after all these days, Henley found a single friend.

At the welcome dinner I was Hypatia's been agreed the times herald invites him to accompany his daily routine, but this has never been reported. Hypatia also show itself was a one-idea although they see every day several times: in the main news.

So it is only natural that Henley against his feverish first day tomorrow. What will await him there anyway? What is this strange institution? All teaching materials are provided. Each year, new curricula and courses on the program. The teachers rotate. We call the concept of "rolling stability," a flexible system to respond to changes.

Henley also called his father responds directly to this can only shrug his shoulders. He went over there in Syntari on Pak Prime to school. "You'll see it will be better than expected. After all, Herold is reflected in your year. "Was his reply. "Oh great, hopefully I'll meet there someone else" thinks the young prince.

"Oh yes, one more thing, Henley 'Leviathan is a" There is a technical, military history'. Not a must, but I would look forward if you could prove it. Hypatia person has even mentioned. Herold, it also takes. "" OK "Henleys short answer is, but he does a little corner of the mouth downward.

Henley is particularly looking forward to teaching that is multicultural. In the system there is no indica-Ruba. It is far too expensive such cheap labor through the tunnel to smuggle.

On the other hand, is also known to Exo, the prairie moon of the Pak Prime, the Aircraft Etto. Furthermore, floating on Pak Secundo, the outer world of ice on bear-like Burht havoc. But that's it. Impossible to teach. The birds are intelligent and well-organized bear, but in this case, the keyword local Humane intelligence without having to devalue its correct.

The capital of the Pak Prime, Syntari, Henley's home city, is ultimately too Westerburg also Alien-City, as you look at the historical capital of Paking was and is.

None known at the court Westerburg a Paking as foreign. They are humans like us. Since take Ruba missing as cheap labor, you often-duty activities. Even if no one is talking about it can be assumed that the genetic integrity of the two species originally from two different worlds exists only on paper.

Henley even remembers with pleasure his first encounter with these rugged northern men. His whole family was invited last year to mid-summer night by the head of the region Sarpsborg.

Eivind Lund Barden was a mountain of a man But he was constantly placed jokes. He even has a daughter in Henley's age, Eevi Lund Barden, a girl with bright blue eyes and blond hair.

Most Paking have long blonde mane. They are party animals, freedom-loving nature boy. All, even the women are tall. Only your taste in music to him is a bit too extreme. "Too bad that does not Paking will be on the school," he thinks to himself, before he falls asleep.

"Henley! Time to get up. "His mother shook him Ratia. "You want to be on time but on the first day?" He gets up, but it is a bit dull to him in the stomach. The bread tastes worse than usual

An hour later, he is slick and functional, dressed with his mother on campus with the other first-graders. What an a mixed bunch! Is that interesting. Quite differently than expected.

As a particularly funny Ruba family, the boy seems was overwhelmed. He constantly shows in other directions. Parents also found enthusiastic. Another difference to the people.

By contrast, the Eemits, leisurely people strong shape. Getting used to the sight, as mixing between two-legged turtle and crocodile. Even your children are almost suspiciously low.

Rough estimate, two thirds of the students men and the rest equally distributed to the Ruba and Eemits. Only herald of Westarp is nowhere to be seen.

Two people approaching from the school building. It is the manager of the Regis College Alanis Vekter and his secretary called Hippolyta trick.

Visually resembles more of a senior teacher Vekter comedian for a person of respect. His bobbing gait underlines this. He hops on the amount of curious glances were directed to him.

Broad grin, he begins: "Hu, Everyone! Welcome to the College of Applied Sciences Alanis love kids and consorts. Some of the last look at each other, the children make great eyes. All of the above-mentioned seems particularly excited to be small Ruba. With open mouth he looks at him.

The qualifications of director Regis Vekter's are obviously hidden. In any case, there must be other people than to be welcomed or hold a welcome sermon. Impossible that a clown this prestigious and well-situated house heads.

"Soderle dear pupil, pupils and new arrivals, hmm, the latter would have been enough." He clears his throat. "Today, therefore, for you begin the real life, this in turn means for the da ..." he points the finger at random with a few adult human species, the other he can. "The fact that you can say goodbye now. I personally take the age much too seriously. Yes. "

So shake a bit puzzled by all the parents again the hands of your offspring, or hug one last time

"Do not worry dear Rascals" with the word he means both large and small, "our system of networked individuality has already brought generations of students in front of you on the right track. You will also ridiculous these few more years to survive well apart exceptions. "Again he smiles on both cheeks, the joke seems to like him more.

"A word to the relatives: Our office is always to achieve, you know, online and by phone. We have your data there, you will get your communications package. "He is now directly targeting the first-graders, the parents had been resolved for him already in the air. "Hippolyta, dear students, time's, for the school. Let's go! "

So the caravan moves toward the school auditorium. This is the first opportunity for Henley in his class comrades to consider a closer look.

Right next to him a good-looking and dressed in black-haired girl runs from the eastern seas. Keck you to celebrate the day with a small wine-colored trim cylinder. You noticed him. Friendly smile She says: "Hi, I'm Patschala Petschabun. "I'm Henley, we want to stay with the briefing?" He asks. She nods.

Patchara Petch is-a-boon a diplomat's daughter from the provinces of the rising sun here on the Trivy. Henley knows little at this point how much is linked their fate once. Currently, he is glad to have found the first time after more than forty days with a friend.

The building is functional in design, was on unnecessary frills deliberately. Clean lines dominate. In contrast to his appearance seems Regis Vekter's spirit to be so tidy, however it must be said that this educational institution was built long before his time. It is chaotic, the chaos surrounding, others prefer simplicity and empty rooms.

Pragmatism prevails in the clothing of students. Not one is wearing a Hawaiian shirt, baggy pants or other brightly colored couture. If even color, then decent and plain. Expressionism in fashion or ever-changing trends run after which it will have disappeared for centuries.

The auditorium is reached soon. Regis goes to his lectern, Hippolyta in tow. Approximately in the middle of the room then he is also: Herald of Westarp, as always, one hand in his pocket. The one who looks at him like a disgruntled teacher, as he had three looks.

Liubomir Iliev, a teacher of military history, retired. Herold is soon surrounded by some guys who think more or less stupid with him. This cluster attracts attention of many, except for Patchara Petch boon-a-Henley and Prince of Westerburg. They giggle at telling.

"No way in the first series" Henley says to you "totally inconspicuous." A quick glance einvernehmen because he knows you agrees. At the forefront of crowd anyway just, well, the usual suspects.

Henley looks around: He seeks the zappligen Ruba from before. This is to discover, however, nowhere. This is now ready Vekter Regis enrollment speech to. He clears his throat, curious eyes to see Him.

"Alanis College? Lalala, who devil has you riding here to get started "- An opening sentence of surprise at the students and causing slight shaking of the head in the College. Especially the Military-teacher seems angry as before.

Part of the teaching team is also there, behind the lectern on the wall they are around. Most of you but let's assume. You know your director, after all, he is twenty years in the post.

"Seven years of training are now available to you that my speech is finished." Silence in the room, then slap some of the new students helpless.

"Stop, wait! I can think of something one, haha. "He waving. "The first thing I would like to welcome Prince of Westarp Herold, the son of our revered Queen Hypatia I, which is also the patron of this noble house."

It shows both arms invitingly in the direction of the addressed. This time also the severe Liubomir Iliev clapping eagerly. The drones throw around to herald admiring glances. The presented itself takes on the greeting without visible emotion.

"Networked individuality means less adherence to tradition rather than modernity and the avant guard in the teaching field." Included most of the newcomers, Henley, had no idea what exactly was meant. Too many foreign words.

Just understand, he continued: "We could not care where you gain your knowledge. We even matter whether you attend classes at all. "

Now he turns off completely well, besides, he is suddenly the "you" arrived. Apparently he has forgotten that there are twelve years before Him. It can also be everything he says as he sees fit and the style it is more than matter.

"But one thing you must be clear. There is a basic rule. A clear instrument that shows us whether you are eligible for a transfer. "" Now it gets exciting, "Henley thinks, like most others too.

"The examination period is exactly determined. The examination dates of all subjects in grades one through seven are already fixed. For all subjects in which you are, in addition to enroll your four main subjects, you have to this day, exactly at this hour be personally present. "

The incredulous looks abound. He continues: "If you want to reach the next grade give added there were enough helpful. In other words, two five sticks.

Many are now pinched faces. What is this? You can skip easily? Only to check to be there? Cool.

Finally, the director says, "Yes it is! With two or more Poor no transfer is possible. You can select other subjects, the school leaving stage an attack or to hang himself, true to the motto. If all else fails, I'll hang on me "

Children are unbiased. They learn quickly. Sure you have understood its rationale and hide his strange sense of humor. In addition, standing still is very hard, so heavy applause breaks out. Everyone is curious how it goes now.

Pleased to note the popularity Vekter Regis au. He points to Hippolyta and nods to you shortly. This occurs now in front of the microphone where she stumbles slightly.

She winks at the crowd, apparently it is a little nervous. Also, your oversized glasses constantly sliding towards the nose tip.

"Dear students, My name is Hippolyte trick" Only a few smile because of her surname, but some of the drones there.

"Do not worry I'm not a teacher, but I run only the secretariat here. So you can say I am responsible for the Schriftkram. "Above are some of your sheet of paper, rummaging in it. "So, where were we, ah yes. In a few minutes to be transferred to your comms plans, including the hours of elective courses offered. "

"It should be noted that four of the nine single-species are compulsory subjects. These consist of: science, language, planetary science and economy. They must necessarily be occupied by each student. "

"The remaining five multi-species are electives. This you provide us to the end of next week. You are invited to try out all the time. "- Yes, certainly, Prince Westarp Herald of the elective, inter-regional communication 'appear with Rubas and Eemits on the scene ...

"If up to this point have any questions?" She looks around, no one raises his arm. Herold talks quietly with his hearing.

"The special is now" She continues, "that each subject and each hour is offered several times per week. So there is no fixed classes but only one such year. "

"Change your comrades can. The advantage is that you all know it. "She pauses briefly. "Is there now a little unclear? Log in quiet. "

Hesitantly picks up a discreet girl your hand, nod your Hippolyta.

"I have two questions," says the student. "Is there a class president? I also wanted to ask if we have fixed school holidays. "


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